A woman playing pickle ball outdoors.

The City of Surrey offers 54 pickleball courts, conveniently located at 27 parks across the city.

April 19, 2021
Parks & Recreation

Who is ready to try something new? Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in North America and offers the perfect mix of exercise and social interaction. It is especially popular with seniors. Pickleball combines elements of tennis and table tennis and is played on a badminton-sized court. Players use paddles, not racquets, to hit the ball over a net just slightly lower than a tennis court. The ball is similar to a wiffle ball, light and with many holes which reduces its flight speed.

This friendly sport is a great idea for those who want to meet new people and stay active while improving hand-eye coordination, balance and mobility. The City of Surrey offers 54 pickleball courts, conveniently located at 27 parks across the city. Pickleball owes its popularity in Surrey (and around the world) to its ability to accommodate participants of all ages and abilities.  

Pickleball runs year-round, players can play on outdoor courts in the summer months and indoor courts in the winter months. All you need is a good attitude, suitable gym or court shoes, a paddle and ball, all available at a variety of local stores and at some drop-in programs.

We have put together a few of our favourite tips for beginners below:

The Mental Game of Pickleball

  • Have fun! The best players know that you do your best when your having fun. This is because the body is relaxed, and you are present in the game. Before you try pickleball for your first time (and every time thereafter) take a few deep breaths before you step onto the court.
  • Do not be intimidated. Novice players can breathe easy knowing that most intermediate and advanced players are happy to help if asked. Unlike many sports the game is much more about placement than power so advanced players can still practice their skills playing with beginners.
  • Learn patience. This is something that takes time, but important. The game of pickleball is all about waiting for the right opportunity. Slow down, get strategic and don’t rush your way through a game or over the net.

The Physical Game of Pickleball

  • Warm-up and down. It’s important to be warm, loose and ready to move when playing pickleball. A little warm-up including some simple stretches will allow you to play at your best at any level. Warm-down is just as important. Avoid sitting down right after a game, instead try a little walk or stretch to bring down your heartrate slowly.
  • Don’t stay planted. The ready stance is very important in the game of pickleball. Players are encouraged to stay on the front of their feet and move back and forth in a paddle ready position.
  • Be gentle. A common mistake is to overpower the game. The misuse of power can make your game out of control (and out of bounds!). Instead take a slow and low approach on returning the ball. In most rallies, it is better to be soft in your swings and keep the ball low to the ground.

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