A cedar garden bed with seedlings planted

Volunteers planted vegetable seedlings at the community garden, which will be harvested for donation locally in Surrey to support vulnerable youth and seniors. 

April 26, 2021
Parks & Recreation

Surrey, BC – Senior and youth volunteers from across Surrey came together to launch “The Garden of Generations” at Unwin Park on April 22 and 23. Following COVID-19 protocols, volunteers planted vegetable seedlings at the community garden which will be harvested for donation locally in Surrey to support vulnerable youth and seniors. 

The garden is part of the Connecting Generations project launched in partnership with Surrey Intercultural Seniors Social Inclusion Partnership Network (SISSIPN) and funded in part by the government of Canada’s New Horizons grant. Connecting Generations aims to provide seniors and youth with positive, safe and inclusive community engagement opportunities that increase connection and support the community.

“City of Surrey is leading the way in supporting healthy, active aging through its Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors, which is a framework that ensures seniors and families are supported through advocacy, policy, partnering and service delivery,” said Sahra-Lea Tosdevine-Tataryn, Age Friendly Strategy project manager. “The opportunity to bring youth and seniors together through projects such as the Garden of Generations can help to create diverse life experiences and recognize the value of all individuals and their contributions in building a healthy, active community.” 

The garden will include baby leaf lettuce, loose-leaf lettuce, chives, scallions, snap peas, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, radishes and cilantro. Passersby will be welcomed to sample a portion of the crops. In preparation for planting, Surrey Parks staff organized online workshops where volunteers shared tips on growing seedlings and connected regularly on the progress of the plants and garden plans.

To learn more about the Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors, visit surrey.ca/agefriendly.  

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