"This year, celebrations must be approached differently."

November 10, 2020

On behalf of City Council, I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe Diwali this year. Also known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali is a much-loved cultural tradition in Surrey that promotes the message of unity, warmth and joy. Like all big celebrations, Diwali is traditionally a time for family and friends to come together to enjoy food and each other’s company. This year, however, celebrations must be approached differently. 

With the recent sharp rise of new COVID-19 cases in Metro Vancouver a new Provincial Health Order was issued this past weekend and it is vital that Diwali celebrations comply with the new order. If we all do our part, we can rein in the spread of the virus and bring the curve back down. That is why it is more important than ever that this year’s celebrations are kept only to your immediate household as mandated by the Provincial Health Order. That means no social gatherings, whether they be indoors or outdoors, of any size beyond your immediate household.  

I am proud of how the vast majority of our community have taken the COVID public health protocols to heart. We must all continue to take personal responsibility to limit the spread of this virus so we can better our odds of getting back to the way of life we all want sooner rather than later. Make no mistake about it, the actions we take now will have a long-term impact in our fight against COVID. So do your part and keep yourself, your loved ones and your community safe by fully observing the new Provincial Health Order that has been put in place between now and November 23.

Mayor Doug McCallum

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