January 26, 2023
Mayor's Statement

Minister Farnworth said in the last hour that policing is Surrey’s decision to make, and Council has made the decision to maintain the RCMP. The City is now considering its options as I do not believe the Province’s reason to delay its decision is justified. The inability to make a timely decision is unfair to SPS and RCMP officers and their families. It also impacts the City’s ability to complete our budget for 2023. The longer two police agencies are operating with this uncertainty, the more taxpayer dollars are being unnecessarily spent. The instability needs to come to an end, and a timely response is critical. The City and the RCMP completed comprehensive plans on the steps forward to maintain the RCMP. We have clearly and thoroughly provided all the necessary details to demonstrate our ability to maintain the Surrey RCMP and can do so in a more cost effective and timely way than continuing with SPS. The RCMP has served Surrey well for 70 years and crime has been trending downward over the past decade.

It is natural to want more information as we put our Plans into effect. It is a waste of time to continue to do that work prior to the Province’s decision. The Minister needs to confirm the City has already made the decision. Now we need to act to get more information and an Action Plan in place. The City is ready to act. The Province needs to do the right thing and confirm the City has the right to this decision.

Mayor Brenda Locke