Two children at a Stay and Play drop-in program.

Stay and Play is a drop-in program where parents can come when its convenient and don’t have to commit to a series of dates.

December 15, 2021
Parks & Recreation

Providing a safe, indoor, unstructured play experience for children 0-5 years, Stay and Play gets kids moving. With parent participation, little ones burn off energy by exploring climbing equipment, ride on toys, sports equipment and more.  

This program not only gets parents and children out of the house and away from screens but is fundamental for physical and mental development in children. Unstructured play teaches children how to deal with the unexpected and unpredictable, while increasing motor skills.  

This is a drop-in program, meaning that parents can come when its convenient and don’t have to commit to a series of dates. Due to limited capacity, advanced registration is required, and one parent (maximum) must accompany each child.  All participating parents must show proof of vaccination. 

At Recreation Surrey, we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to access and attend quality programs and services within their community. With our ongoing commitment to providing safe, nurturing environments that foster inclusiveness, respect and compassion, we are creating impactful experiences, where our children can learn, explore, grow and develop.  

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, there are five essential elements to meaningful play. They include: 

  1. Children making their own decisions 

  2. Children being intrinsically motivated 

  3. Children becoming immersed in the moment  

  4. Playing must be spontaneous, not scripted  

  5. Playing must be enjoyable 

These elements are also necessary for adult play, which is sometimes forgotten during the early years of a child’s development yet is a crucially important part of healthy living. See how Stay and Play programs can benefit your child’s development. 

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