Two women playing badminton.

Pick up a new hobby or try a new skill by signing up for a drop-in activity 72 hours in advance!

June 14, 2023
Parks & Recreation

Hello summer! At last, the warm weather has arrived, carrying with it a promise of laid-back beach days, outdoor concerts and firework celebrations. Though summer offers us a chance to unwind, it also presents an opportunity for growth—a chance to deviate from our everyday routines and explore new interests. 
As creatures of habit, we tend to overestimate the effort required for change and underestimate the benefits of trying something new. Change can be minimal, whether it’s driving an alternate route to work or cooking an unfamiliar dish, small actions can lead to significant health benefits across time. In fact, those who regularly engage in new activities report living happier, healthier lives with improved self-confidence, long-term memory and overall mood. 

A Change for the Better

Surrey residents have long enjoyed visiting their local recreation facility to partake in their favourite drop-in activities. With options like badminton, volleyball and yoga, drop-in activities offer an affordable and flexible opportunity to stay fit while having fun. Throughout recent years, amidst a growing population, accessing certain activities has presented some challenges. In response, we’re improving our registration process for drop-in activities to serve you better! 
Beginning July 1, residents will be able to sign-up for most scheduled drop-in activities 72 hours in advance of their start date and time. That means if you’re interested in an activity beginning on Monday, July 10 at 4pm, for example, you’ll count back three days on your calendar and sign-up on Friday, July 7 at 4pm to help secure your spot.

Equal Opportunity

With the new early sign-up process, residents will be given a fair opportunity to try new activities. As a result, they’ll have the chance to engage new senses, acquire new skills and discover new passions—all while learning something valuable about themselves in the process. New activities will also infuse variety into existing routines, allowing residents to earn some of those sought-after change effects that lead to greater overall health and wellbeing. 

Less Stress

Technical issues can be a source of frustration, causing delays and impeding upon your summer plans. Our new early sign-up process will effectively manage online registration volume, offsetting the load on our system during traffic peaks, and providing a better registration experience for everyone. In other words, you’ll spend less time waiting around, wondering if you’ll gain entry to a session, and more time spent doing the activities you enjoy!  

More Camaraderie

Our new process will help mitigate a longstanding issue for drop-in programs—no-shows. No-shows occur when someone fails to attend their registered activity, neglecting to withdraw their enrollment in advance. Ultimately, no-shows prevent other hopeful residents from participating in an activity. Early sign-up will help reduce the number of no-shows, provide a more accurate reflection of an activity’s capacity and allow other optimistic individuals to join in. Fewer gaps in attendance will also equate to more socialization opportunities among those with similar interests. It’s a win-win! 

Preparation is Key

Until the new process becomes second nature, successful registration for drop-in programs will require some diligence; plan accordingly and set a reminder for yourself 72 hours before your chosen activity’s start date and time—whether it’s a prompt on your phone, a memo in your notebook or a note on your refrigerator door. 
Gain personal insights this summer by challenging yourself to try new things! For more information and to view monthly recreation drop-in schedules by facility, visit