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At today’s Special Regular Council meeting Surrey City Council has passed 3rd reading of Budget 2022, which includes a five-year financial plan through to 2026.

December 22, 2021
Media Release

Surrey, BC At today’s Special Regular Council meeting Surrey City Council has passed 3rd reading of Budget 2022, which includes a five-year financial plan through to 2026. For the fourth consecutive year the property tax increase has stayed at 2.9%, making it one of the lowest among Metro Vancouver municipalities.

“With the ongoing uncertainty around COVID, Surrey City Council has taken the position to maintain the property tax rate increase to 2.9%,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “Surrey’s property tax rate has remained constant for the fourth year in a row and we believe it is important for our residents to not be presented with an unexpected tax burden. While we are holding the line on property taxes, Budget 2022 has also built in new projects that will benefit the people of Surrey such as the fast tracking of a new Olympic size, 50-meter pool as the first component of the new Newton Community Centre.”

Below are the 9 new projects funded in the proposed 2022-2026 Capital Financial Budget:

  1. Police Training Facility
  2. Crescent Park Pickleball Courts
  3. Bus Layover Facility
  4. Park Improvements
  5. Tamanawis Park – 3rd Field Hockey Turf and Changeroom
  6. Fleetwood Firehall #6 Relocation
  7. New Park Washrooms
  8. Disc Golf at Port Mann Park
  9. Future Sport Facility Site Development

The new projects are in addition to the following 16 public infrastructure projects funded in last year’s budget.

  1. Newton Community Centre & Land Acquisition
  2. City Centre Sports Complex - Phase 1
  3. Bear Creek Park Athletics Centre
  4. South Surrey Athletic Park Track Replacement & New Artificial Turf Field
  5. Newton Turf & Washroom/Changeroom
  6. Artificial Turf Field Replacements at Five Locations
  7. Indigenous Carving Centres
  8. Newton Athletic Park Walking Track
  9. Sunnyside Reservoir Pickleball & Bike Park
  10. New Park Washrooms
  11. Biodiversity Preserve Park Improvements
  12. Trail & Path Development
  13. Crescent Park Studio/Building Renovation
  14. Outdoor Volleyball Courts
  15. New Park Shelters
  16. Cloverdale Sport & Ice Complex

City Council will convene for a Special Regular Council meeting on December 24 to consider final adoption of Budget 2022.

“As with previous budgets, public input has been conducted through the year and is reflected in the projects and services in Budget 2022,” adds Mayor McCallum. “This budget is equal parts financial prudency and visionary as Council plans for Surrey’s post pandemic future. On behalf of Council, I want to sincerely thank City Staff for their hard work in meeting Council’s request of delivering a fiscally prudent and responsible budget before the holiday break.”

The operating budget for police related services, which include the RCMP and the Surrey Police Service, was at $184 million in the 2021 Budget. City staff regularly reviews this item as the transition progresses and has budgeted $194.8 million for police related services in the 2022 Budget, which includes the funding of the new salary increases for RCMP members.

The full Budget 2022 document can be viewed here.