The Civic Distinction Awards are awards of excellence that acknowledge business and community leaders who have made a major contribution to the City of Surrey in their respective fields.

By recognizing this work, these awards foster a culture of excellence in Surrey and highlight the people and projects that are leading the way.

The last Civic Distinction Awards were held in 2020. The next Civic Distinction Awards will be held in 2024.

Award categories

Recognizing outstanding contributions in community enhancement initiatives, The Beautification and Enhancement Award is dedicated to the outstanding contributions of individuals and groups who are working to increase the vibrancy, safety, and connectedness of Surrey’s neighbourhoods through community enhancement activities.

Recognizing innovation in environmental programming, education and environmental stewardship, the environmental award recognizes outstanding individuals and community groups focused on taking environmental action, such as people and individuals who ‘go beyond’ to enhance surrey’s natural evironment and projects that inspire and inform, creating awareness as they relate to environmental action or environmental issues of concern.

Recognizing and honoring outstanding contributions in the social well-being of Surrey residents, the Heart Award celebrates the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations who are promoting social well-being by supporting vulnerable populations and strengthening the community.

Recognizing those whose creativity and leadership in arts and heritage have made a significant contribution to Surrey's cultural well-being, the Arts and Heritage Award highlights the dedication of outstanding individuals, groups, or organizations who are creating significant contributions to Surrey's arts and heritage sectors.

Arts & Heritage award categories include:


  • Literary Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts


  • Heritage Preservation
  • Heritage Education and Interpretation
  • Historic and Legacy Commercial business

See the Arts and Heritage Award Overview for more information.

Surrey's Civic Treasures

The Arts and Heritage Awards, as part of Surrey’s Civic Distinction Awards, continue the legacy of Surrey’s Civic Treasures.

Learn more about past recipients. Watch Surrey Civic Treasure recipient videos by year:











    • Barbara Gould


    • Jim Adams
    • Stephen Chitty
    • Stan Clarke
    • Robert Davidson
    • Nadine Gagné
    • Carol Girardi
    • Dawn Govier
    • Stephen Horning
    • Mary Mikelson
    • Lorne Pearson
    • Marc Pelech
    • Jarnail Singh

    Recognizing excellence in city building through architecture, urban design, and public art, the Design Award celebrates outstanding contributions in the design of open spaces, the public realm, and urban design. The Design Award supports the city's goal of setting high standards for architectural design, landscape design, and public art.

    Recognizing outstanding contributions to sport hosting in Surrey, the Sport Tourism Award commends the exceptional efforts of individuals and groups who have significantly contributed to the tourism industry of Surrey through the hosting of sporting events.

    The Mayor's Choice Award is an award category with criteria that change for each Civic Distinction Awards. The award recognizes a campaign or initiative that is important to the Mayor in the award year.

    Award recipients

    View a full list of award recipients from the last Civic Distinction Awards.

    Past award recipients

    View past award recipients

    Thank you!

    Thank you to all of our award recipients and nominees for your outstanding contributions to the City of Surrey and the individuals who took the time to nominate and recognize the individuals, community organizations or businesses for their deserving work.

    We also would like to thank the review panels who selected the award recipients, performers, our MC, Charmaine Crooks, and everyone who contributed to the creation of this awards ceremony.

    Review panels

    The Heart Award, Sport Tourism Award and Beautification and Enhancement Award recipients were reviewed by a panel of community members and staff and endorsed by the Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee. The Environmental Award recipients were selected by the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee.

    The Arts & Heritage Award had separate panels: the art subcategory recipients were selected by a panel of past Civic Treasures Award recipients and endorsed by the Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee. The heritage subcategory recipients were selected by the Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission.

    The Design Awards recipients were selected by a jury of urban design professionals.

    The Mayor’s Choice Award recipients were selected by a panel of community members and staff with final selection by the Mayor.

    All award recipient recommendations are endorsed by Mayor and Council.