See how the Children and Youth At-Risk Table initiative operates.

The Children and Youth At-Risk Table (CHART) is a proactive initiative that supports children and youth before they show negative behaviours or get involved in criminal activity. CHART also supports those who may already be exhibiting anti-social behaviours or be at-risk of gang involvement.

CHART is one of the 11 SAFE programs and involves 16 partner agencies collaborating weekly to identify at-risk children and youth and support them as well as their family with a tailored and coordinated intervention plan.


    CHART Accomplishments to Date

    • By the end of March 2020 CHART supported 47 meetings and accepted 180 cases of vulnerable 6 to 19 year-olds.
    • The average age of a CHART case has remained stable at 14 years old with males representing 64% of all cases.
    • CHART welcomes referrals from all neighbourhoods with its first 180 cases being distributed across Surrey neighbourhoods as follows: Newton: 33%, Guildford: 22%, Whalley: 15%, Fleetwood: 12%, Cloverdale: 9%, South Surrey: 8%
    • As of the end of June 2020, 69 CHART cases had been concluded as connected to one or more services with many more open cases actively receiving services. As such, risk for gang involvement amongst these 69 children and youth has been significantly reduced.

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    SAFE Inforgraphic

    One of the original targets of the SAFE program was to increase programs and services in the neighbourhoods of Newton, Guildford, and Whalley. CHART has identified risk in these neighbourhoods as well as other pockets of Surrey and we are pleased to share that partners are providing services throughout the city.

    CHART Dashboard

    As of July 15, 2020, CHART has accepted 198 total cases of vulnerable Surrey children and youth. To date, 28 CHART cases have had siblings identified with these young people either being supported as an extension of their sibling or becoming a primary CHART case as well.

    The average age of a CHART case is 14 years old with males representing 64% of cases. 111 (56%) of all cases have been concluded as:

    • Connected to Services (54%) = case closed as risk was successfully reduced by multi-agency coordinated approach
    • Single Agency Mandate (9%) = case closed as risk was successfully reduced with single agency’s services in place
    • Declined Services (26%) = case closed as youth has declined services; however, partners will still attempt to make in-roads with young person and/or shift focus to supporting indirectly by providing services to parents and family members – case can be reopened at any time
    • Moved Outside of Surrey (7%) = case closed due to no longer being a Surrey resident; however, attempts to find services in new municipality will be made before closing
    • Incapacitated/Injured (2%) = case closed due to young person being medically incapable of receiving services – case can be reopened at any time
    • Unable to Locate (2%) = case closed after numerous attempts to locate young person and offer services failed – case can be reopened at any time
    • Youth Incarcerated (0%)

    For each case, CHART tracks up to 100 risk factors spanning 16 categories based on the 5 domains of Individual, Family, Peer, School, and Community. Risk factors are not weighted and there is no minimum number of risk factors required to become a CHART case. The average number of risk factors per case is 21. The lowest number of risk factors for a CHART case is 4 and the highest is 46.

    CHART Deshboard Snip. Info up to July 2020

    CHART Process

    • Children, youth or families in need of help connect with a service provider or referral agency.
    • CHART member or referral agency refers the individual to the table.
    • Members of CHART determine best service to support individual.
    • Lead agency coordinates delivery of supports and services.

    Access to CHART is through SAFE partners. For more information about CHART contact All communications are kept confidential.

    CHART Partners