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Supporting children, youth, and their families with services that help build stronger connections, reduce risk, and help young people better handle life’s challenges.

The Surrey Youth Resiliency Program (SYRP) is made up of eight programs that are delivered by eight partner agencies to:

  • Address program gaps with innovative new services
  • Build on effective existing programs
  • Coordinate culturally-sensitive and neighbourhood-based services for families
  • Evaluate programs for continuous improvement of services

SYRP programs

Programs provide targeted and tailored supports to young people in the Surrey community, including - one-on-one mentorship, counselling, life skills, and recreational activities. Some programs deliver culturally appropriate services to groups while others prioritize targeted neighbourhoods and populations. Every partner provides trauma informed programs. Read our framework for further insights.

By providing young people with positive skills and experiences they can better navigate life’s challenges.

Learn more about each program:

Black Youth Enterprise

Supporting vulnerable Black youth to build a sense of belonging through life skills programming.

Solid State

Solid State Community Industries provides adult mentors to support marginalized and migrant Black youth. Youth agree to take part in the program before joining or creating co-operative enterprises.

“Co-operative enterprises” are businesses that groups of Black youth operate to learn valuable life skills and expand positive peer groups. They provide education to the community and may even generate income.

Black Youth Enterprise activities are expected to increase resiliency and strengthen client connection with positive peers and the community.


Supports Black youth throughout Surrey but operates primarily within City Centre.



Blueprint Pathways

Supporting vulnerable youth with one-on-one mentorship and counselling.

youth with a youth worker painting a mural

City of Surrey provides a youth counsellor to meet with 13 to 19-year-olds in schools and the community. Youth agree to participate in the program before receiving individualized support including setting goals and developing actions to meet them.   

Activities include connecting youth to recreational, volunteer, and employment opportunities, assisting youth to leave negative relationships, reducing barriers such as transportation that affect school and appointment attendance, and referring youth to additional services.

Blueprint Pathways activities are expected to increase resiliency and strengthen client connection with school, family, and community.



Collection Notice

The City of Surrey is authorized to collect personal information under the authority of section 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Personal Information is collected for the purpose of allowing you to participate in the Blueprint Pathways program. For questions regarding the collection of personal information, please contact the City's Community Safety Manager, 13450 104 Ave, Surrey BC, V3T 1V8, or call 236-598-3019.

CHART School Response

Coordinating prevention and intervention services to support vulnerable children, youth, and families.

CHART School Response

Surrey School District provides two workers to support staff from over 130 schools to identify students aged 6 to 19 who need multiple community services. These staff attend the weekly Children and Youth At-Risk Table (CHART) meetings where they work with professionals from other agencies to develop individualized support plans for each young person. Outside of the CHART meetings, staff make sure that services are being delivered to each child, youth, and family.

CHART School Response activities are expected to increase resiliency and strengthen connection with school, family, and community.


Support provided on school sites and in the community during and outside of school hours.



Club Utopia

Supporting vulnerable South Asian female youth and their caregivers with education and counselling.

Club Utopia

Pacific Community Resources Society provides two workers that support one-on-one counselling and group education for South Asian female youth and their caregivers. Clients agree to program participation before receiving support.

Youth and caregivers are separated into groups which learn together for six months.  Youth are educated about the dangers of gang life and supported to avoid negative influences.  Caregivers learn about risks for joining gangs and general skills for successful parenting.  During each six-month period, the youth and caregiver groups come together to celebrate their achievements. One-on-one counselling is also available for youth and caregivers.

Club Utopia activities are expected to increase resiliency and confidence as well as strengthen family relationships.


One-on-one services available throughout Surrey. Groupwork takes place in Surrey’s Newton and Guildford town centres.




Supporting vulnerable youth with life skills support and access to trauma counselling.

Youth holding an animal hide

Dan’s Legacy provides a social worker to meet youth in the community. Priority is given to Indigenous youth as well as those soon to enter adulthood. Youth agree to participating in the program before receiving support. 

Youth share personal needs with their worker who helps them set goals and develop ways to achieve them. The program offers activities such as counselling and learning important life skills that will support them as adults. Indigenous youth are also able to participate in cultural workshops led by Elders.

Focus activities are expected to increase resiliency and strengthen client connection with family, culture, and community.


Delivered in the community across multiple Surrey locations.



Risk Prevention Team

Supporting vulnerable children and youth with culturally-sensitive mentorship and counselling.

Options Counselling

Options Community Services provides a youth worker and counsellor to support at-risk 5 to 18-year-olds and their families. Before receiving help, young people and their caregivers agree to be part of the program.

Clients share personal needs with their workers who help them set goals and develop ways to achieve them. The outreach worker meets with children and youth in the community. They help them get involved in recreational activities, learn important life skills, and support them to leave negative relationships. The clinical counsellor helps young people and their family members to overcome personal challenges and strengthen family bonds.

Risk Prevention Team activities are expected to increase resiliency and strengthen client connection with family, culture, and community.


Operates primarily within Surrey’s Newton and Guildford town centres.


(604) 596-4321

Skookum Windspeaker

Supporting Indigenous children and youth with cultural activities and spiritual learning.

Skookum Windspeaker

The Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee (SUILC) and Surrey School District provide cultural activities for Indigenous students in grades six to nine. Children and youth agree to program involvement before participating in monthly day trips that take place inside and outside of Surrey during school year. Community cultural events targeting Indigenous families are also supported during and outside of the school year.

Skookum Windspeaker activities are expected to increase resiliency and strengthen cultural identity and community connection.


In the community during and outside of school hours.




Supporting vulnerable middle years aged children with after school mentorship and recreation.


Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth Initiative provides after school programming for middle years aged children at five Surrey School District sites. Schools are selected based on increased vulnerability. Program staff work with school staff to identify children who are willing to participate and could benefit the most.

Each week, adult mentors lead recreational and mentorship activities that build trust, self-confidence, and positive friendships.

Yo4Youth activities are expected to increase resiliency, self-confidence and sense of belonging for each participant.


Select Surrey schools.


604- 343-6542

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