Learn about the High Risk Youth Justice Program offering life skills training to children and youth.

Designed for children and youth with gang connections.

This enhanced program brings together community service agencies, probation services and other agencies to deliver life skills training and support to children and youth, in and out of school time (including evenings).

Services include mentorship, education programs and monitoring services for youth on probation or who are required to deliver community service hours. Workers provide one-on-one support connecting referred individuals to services such as prosocial activities, health supports and education.

The program also provides referrals for high-risk children and youth to other services such as crisis line, housing, life skills and employment programs. It focuses on children and youth in Newton with gang affiliation or a family history of gang involvement. The program also supports parents, with services in Punjabi and other languages as required.

The program is provided by Options Community Services Society (OCS).


This program is delivered in and out of school time, including evenings, at multiple locations. Please contact Options for details.


To learn more about Options High Risk Youth Justice Program contact youthservices.intake@options.bc.ca or call 604-596-4321.