Donate or dedicate a park bench in a Surrey Park.

Celebrate a special occasion or honour a legacy with the donation of a City park bench.

Make a donation

  1. Download the Donation Bench Application 
  2. Email completed application to or mail a hard copy to Park Operations:
    • Surrey Operations Centre 6651 148 Street Surrey, BC V3S 3C7

Parks staff will evaluate your request and contact you to let you know if a donation is available in the park you’ve requested. All donations must directly benefit the people of Surrey and fall in line with the City’s strategic park plan.

New Bench Donations

New bench donations are for a fixed 20-year term. Once the 20-year term is complete the current donor will not have the option of renewal. This will open the opportunity for others to be a donor.

Bench styles are pre-determined by City staff and are dependent on the future plans for the park:

  • Surrey Bench $2,800
  • Cast (Frances Andrews) Bench $3,800

Dedications to Existing Benches

Bench dedications are for a fixed 20-year term. The dedication cost for an existing bench is based on:

  • The type of bench you choose.
  • The remaining life span of the bench you choose.
    • Benches have a 20-year life span, you pay for the remaining life span of the bench.
    • Donation costs will be pro-rated in 5-year increments.

Types of benches:

  • Surrey bench
    • Dedications are based on a cost of $700/5-year increments
  • Frances Andrew bench
    • dedications are based on a cost of $950/5-year increments

Age of Bench

Lifespan Remaining

Surrey Bench Cost

Frances Andrew Bench Cost

1 – 5 years old

15 – 19 years remaining



6 – 10 years old

10 – 14 years remaining



11 – 15 years old

5 – 9 years remaining



16 – 20 years old 1– 4 years remaining New bench required at full cost. New bench required at full cost.

Bench Donation Locations

The approved location of a bench installation depends on proposed future development within a park, the location of underground utilities, sensitive habitats, and other site restrictions. Some parks may already be at capacity and therefore a new bench may not be available.

Please note that we no longer have new bench donations at:

  • Blackie Spit
  • Boundary Park
  • Crescent Beach
  • Elgin Heritage Park
  • Kwomais Point Park
  • Crescent Park
  • Southmere Village Park 

Requests will be granted on a first come first served basis.

Installation of the Bench

The term begins once the bench is installed. Installations occur in the spring and fall (weather permitting).

Exact dates cannot be specified due to weather, park construction and special events. Depending on the timing of your order, the installation will be scheduled for the next available installation date.

Full payment is required before a park bench is added.

Deadlines for installation:

  • Fall Installation – All paperwork and payments are due by July 1.
  • Spring Installation – All paperwork and payments are due by March 1.

Please review the Donation Bench Application for full program details.