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Surrey is now on the Alertable notification network. These notifications allow the City to inform subscribed users of actions to take during large-scale emergencies.

Do you know someone who needs to receive these life-saving notifications? If so, help them sign up. 


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Sign up for free using phone, email or the Alertable app. 

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Once signed up, you will receive notifications on your cellphone, home phone or email for:

  • severe weather
  • natural disasters
  • industrial hazards
  • other emergencies with the potential to impact many citizens.

Alerts may include information about evacuation orders, where to go for support during an emergency and additional information about potential threats to public safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to receive Alertable alerts?

No. Regardless of the method you choose to receive alerts (app, text, phone notifications, etc.), this alert notification service is free to all users.

When setting up the app, which ‘locations’ should I choose?

To receive alerts for Surrey, select City of Surrey. You can choose to select multiple locations (work, school, home, etc).

When setting up the app, should I turn on ‘Follow Me’?

By turning on ‘Follow Me’, you will receive (Alertable) emergency alerts that are happening in the geographical location that you (your phone) are visiting, even when you are away from the municipalities you selected.

Are Alertable and 'Alert Ready' the same thing?

No. Alert Ready is a Canada-wide system that allows government officials in each province and territory to issue emergency alerts through compatible wireless devices and major television and radio broadcasters.

Alert Ready will broadcast without a subscription and at no cost to ensure the maximum number of people receive alerts. In British Columbia, Alert Ready will only be used in the event of a potential tsunami, Amber Alert, flooding, wildfire or civil emergency. Learn more about Alert Ready.

For additional frequently asked questions, see the Alertable website.

Non-emergency Information

To use online services and access relevant City of Surrey information, create a MySurrey Account. You can also report a problem online. View non-emergency contact information for Surrey Fire and Surrey RCMP.


If you have any questions about the Surrey Emergency Notification system, email