Help prepare your neighbourhood to be self-sufficient in the event of a disaster.

People cope better during a disaster, and recover more quickly afterwards, when they work together. “Neighbours helping neighbours” is the principle behind Surrey’s Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP), part of the Surrey Emergency Program (SEP).

The NEPP encourages neighbourhoods to identify the skills and resources that would be useful in a disaster, and guides them how to respond safely and effectively in organized teams. The goal is to prepare neighbourhoods to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours after a disaster.

A neighbourhood can be a group of homes, an apartment or townhouse complex, a school or daycare, a business, or any other place where the same individuals regularly gather.

Download the Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Guide for help developing your neighbourhood plan.

How it works

Citizen groups can use this guide to help develop their response plans.

Personal preparedness is the first step of NEPP. All individuals within the NEPP group should first become familiar with these guidelines prior to developing a NEPP program.

Once this is completed, groups can then focus on setting up your neighbourhood teams, including the following response units:

  • Shelter and Caregiving
  • Communications and Transportation
  • Light Urban Search and Rescue 
  • Utilities and Fire Suppression
  • Disaster First Aid
  • Damage Assessment

Free Presentations

Free Personal Emergency Preparedness Program Presentations are offered to any neighbourhood, school, or interested group in Surrey which is the basic building blocks to becoming resilient. To arrange a presentation, email or call 604-543-6795.

Key Documents

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Guide

Disaster Recovery Guide

C-MIST Emergency Card