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Learn what it takes to be a firefighter with the Surrey Fire Service.

Increasing diversity makes better firefighting teams. It enhances the quality of service by reflecting the needs and expectations of the communities served, fosters innovation by bringing together diverse skills, experiences and ideas, and promotes a positive image of the fire service demonstrating its commitment to equality, fairness and respect.  To support this, Surrey Fire is offering workshops accessible for everyone regardless of their background or identity.

Workshop details

Our workshops provide information, guidance, and support for people who are interested in joining or advancing in the fire service.

We offer three types of workshops designed to meet the varying levels of fire experience ranging from awareness to skill enhancement. 

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Level 1 - Information Session/Practical Experience

This one-day workshop will provide an overview of the opportunities and culture of a fire service career.

No previous workshop experience is required.

What to expect

  • A review of the various recruitment process steps
  • An opportunity to practice the skills required of a firefighter like:
    • fire suppression
    • self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) donning
    • auto extrication
    • fire suppression techniques
  • You will meet experienced firefighters from the Surrey Fire Service
  • This workshop requires strenuous effort and physical activity

What to bring

  • Wear steel-toed footwear, if possible. Otherwise, it will be supplied in various sizes that may not fit you best
  • Water, snacks and your own lunch
  • Dress appropriately in fitness gear
Level 2 - Physical Test Practice

This half-day workshop will provide participants with an overview of the requirements needed to be successful during the physical testing stage of the hiring process.

No previous workshop experience is required.

What to expect

Working in groups, you can try out each stage of the physical test to assess your strength and endurance.  This will allow you to see if you are physically ready to pass this stage of the hiring process or if you need further conditioning to be successful. 

  • This workshop will be facilitated by Surrey Fire Service peer fitness trainers who can provide you with improvement tips.
  • Further resources regarding our physical testing can be found under firefighter recruitment.

What to bring

  • Water and snacks
  • Athletic shoes (e.g. runners)
  • Dress appropriately in fitness gear
Level 3 - Skills Practice

This 2-hour workshop provides those interested in a career in the fire service an opportunity to practice their skills to be better prepared for a hiring process. 

No previous workshop experience is required.

What to expect

  • The skills practiced will be decided leading up to the workshop date according to the availability of the training grounds.
  • A Surrey Fire Service Training Officer will lead these sessions and provide participants with the appropriate level of training and advice to execute the drills targeted in each workshop.

Examples of skills that may be practiced:

Hydrant catching, hose lays, ropes and knots, suppression strategies, engine familiarization, search procedures, auto extrication, small tool handling, ventilation tactics.

What to bring

  • Water and snacks
  • Athletic shoes (e.g. runners)
  • We also recommend bringing steel-toed footwear
  • Dress appropriately in fitness gear



Workshops may fill up quickly. Please cancel any bookings that you cannot attend so others may join.

Women in firefighting workshops

To view all women's workshop levels and dates offered, you must sign up on our MyImpact website.

  • Access a calendar displaying available opportunities
  • Read full descriptions of each workshop
  • Learn about what you need to bring with you
  • Learn how to submit payments and waivers

Dates Available

Level 1: April 6, September 28

Level 2: April 13, October 26

Level 3: January 18, February 8 & 22, March 7 & 21, May 9 & 23, June 6 & 20, September 12, October 10, November 7 & 21 and December 12.



Open firefighting workshops
  • Open workshops are available to anyone 18 or older with a signed waiver provided upon booking. 
  • Carefully review the various levels of workshops available at the top of this page.

Dates Available

Level 1: May 4 and June 29

Level 2: May 11

Level 3: October 12 and November 30

Forms to be completed



If at the time of registration you are unable to book a session, please complete our short survey to assist us in future workshop planning.

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