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Find out where the closest playground is in your neighbourhood.

There are many playgrounds in Surrey for kids to explore, from smaller tot lots for the younger kids to custom-designed play structures for the more adventurous.

Each playground is slightly different and offers a unique set of activities such as swings, slides, sandpits and climbing structures.

Playgrounds in City of Surrey parks are open every day from dawn until dusk.

Looking for something more refreshing during the summer months? Learn about Surrey's Spray Parks.

Playground Locations

See below for a list of playgrounds in Surrey, organized alphabetically by Town Centre.

To report a problem in any of our Parks, please use our online Report a Problem tool, call 604-501-5050, or email parks@surrey.ca.

COVID-19 and Playground Use

Playground structures are not being sanitized. To help keep us all safe, please stay home if you are sick. When using playgrounds remember to:

  • sanitize with your own hand cleaner
  • keep your hands clean and away from your face
  • stay 2 metres apart from other parents/guardians

If we all do our part to stay safe, we can keep our playgrounds open. 

Playgrounds in Cloverdale

 Park Name   Address Surface Type
Adams Road 18160 68 Ave Wood Chips
Boothroyd Park 6153 171 St Wood Chips
Bose Park 16441 62 Ave Wood Chips / Sand
Brooks Crescent Park 6050 Brooks Crescent Wood Chips
Churchland Park 5969 163A St Wood Chips
Clayton Park 18513 70 Ave Sand
Clayton Hall Daycare 18513 70 Ave Wood Chips
Clover Ridge Park 19087 57 Ave Wood Chips
Cloverdale Athletic Park 6330 168 St Wood Chips
Cloverdale Heights Park 5880 Aberdeen St Wood Chips
Don Christian Park  6220 184 St Wood Chips
Don Christian Rec 6220 184 St Wood Chips
East View Park  6135 190 St Pea Gravel
Greenaway Park 17905 60 Ave Wood Chips
Hillcrest Park  6530 185 St Wood Chips
Hunter Park 5480 184A St Wood Chips
Katzie Park 19373 68 Ave Wood Chips
Magee Park 6872 191 St Wood Chips
McIntyre 19435 64 Ave Wood Chips
McKenzie Park 5888 184B St     Wood Chips
Provinceton Park 6994 180 St Wood Chips
Shannon Park 7312 192A St Wood Chips
Starr Park 19333 66 Ave Wood Chips
Watson Park 6269 180A St Wood Chips
68B Tot-Lot 6688 184A St Wood Chips / Artificial Turf
77G Tot-Lot 18335 56A Ave Sand
78K Greenbelt 5672 184B St Wood Chips / Sand


Playgrounds in Fleetwood

Barry Mather Park 15039 92A Ave Wood Chips / Sand
Bucci Park 8594 166 St Wood Chips
Evergreen Tot-Lot 15112 87B Ave Sand
Fleetwood Park 15802 80 Ave Wood Chips
Fleetwood Rec 15996 84 Ave Wood Chips
Francis 15951 83 Ave Wood Chips
Frost Road Park  8607 164 St Wood Chips
Maple Green Park 8959 150 St Wood Chips
Meagan Anne MacDougall Park 15385 90 Ave Wood Chips
Morningside Park 8229 150 St Wood Chips
Walnut 16264 82 Ave Wood Chips
33C Tot-Lot 14484 91 Ave Wood Chips


Playgrounds in Guildford

Bonaccord Park                14968 98 Ave Wood Chips
Bothwell Park 9435 168 St Wood Chips
Douglas Park 15044 99A Ave Wood Chips
Ellendale Park 14665 110A Ave Wood Chips
Fern Park 9420 164 St Sand
Guildford Heights Park 10310 154 St Wood Chips / Rubberized
Hjorth Road Park  10275 148 St Wood Chips
Holly Park 10706 148 St Wood Chips / Artificial / Ruberized
Hummingbird Park 11083 Swan Crescent Wood Chips
JR Douglas Park 10885 162B St Sand
North Point Park 16088 109 Ave Wood Chips
Northview Park 11149 156 St Wood Chips
Port Kells Park 19340 88 Ave Wood Chips
24N Tot-Lot 10126 159 St Wood Chips


Playgrounds in Newton

Amelia Adams Park 8546 121A St Wood Chips
Aspen Park 13380 59B Ave Wood Chips / Sand
Bear Creek 140 St & 86A Ave Pea Gravel
Beaver Creek Heights Park 6722 122A St Wood Chips
Bob Rutledge Park  5448 148 St Pea Gravel
Boundary Park 6058 Boundary Drive W Rubberized
Chimney Hill Park 15070 76 Ave Wood Chips
Dominion Park 8225 134 St Wood Chips
East View Trail 7648 125 St Wood Chips
Evershine Park 12688 70 Ave Wood Chips / Sand
Frank Hurt Park 13828 77 Avenue Wood Chips
Goldstone Park 5850 146 St Wood Chips
Goodrich Place Park 7651 Goodrich Place Wood Chips
Hazelnut Meadows Park 14069 68 Ave Wood Chips / Sand
Heritage Woods Park 13468 63 Ave Wood Chips
Hyland Creek Park 6542 138 St Wood Chips
Kennedy Trail Park 12237 82 Ave Wood Chips
Newton Athletic Park 7395 128 St Wood Chips / Rubberized
Newton Ice Arena 13730 71A Ave Rubberized
Nichols Estate Park 14239 72A Ave Wood Chips
Panorama Park 12863 60 Ave Wood Chips
Panorama Village Park 14899 57 Ave Wood Chips
Parkwood Village Park 12901 73 Ave Wood Chips
Pioneer Park 6572 133 St Sand
RA Nicholson Park 12140 75A Ave Wood Chips
Sullivan Park 6272 152 St

Wood Chips

Summerwynd Park 13074 66A Ave Wood Chips
T.E Scott Park 7014 148 St Wood Chips / Sand
Todd Crescent Park 14075 73 Ave Wood Chips
Tom Thumb Tot-Lot 6703 141 St Wood Chips
Unwin Park 13313 68 Ave Rubberized
West Newton Community Park 13019 58 Ave Wood Chips


Playgrounds in South Surrey

Alderwood Park 1761 Lilac Drive Wood Chips
Alexandra Tot-Lot 12210 Agar St Wood Chips / Sand
Bakerview Park 1845 154 St Wood Chips / Sand
Blumsen Park 15473 34 Ave Wood Chips
Crescent Park 12908 26 Ave Wood Chips
Crescent Park West 12930 Crescent Road Wood Chips
Dufferin Park 17355 2 Ave Wood Chips
Elgin Rec Daycare 3530 144 St Wood Chips / Sand
Fun Fun Park 1472 128 St Wood Chips
Huntington Park 13111 21B Ave Pea Gravel
Kensington Prairie Daycare 16824 32 Ave Wood Chips / Sand
Meridian By The Sea Park 2040 150 St Wood Chips
Morgan Creek Park 3302 156A St Wood Chips
Mountain View 15929 Mountainview Dr Wood Chips
Oliver Park 15952 28 Ave Wood Chips
Redwood Park 17900 20 Ave Wood Chips / Rubberized
Softball City 2201 148 St Wood Chips
South Surrey Athletic Park 1925 148 St Wood Chips
Summerhill Park 13089 Summerhill Cr Wood Chips
Sunnyside Park 15455 26 Ave Wood Chips / Sand
Sunnyside Park - West 15455 26 Ave Wood Chips
Winter Crescent Park 3484 148 St Wood Chips


Playgrounds in Whalley

Bear Creek Heights Park 8699 139A St Wood Chips
Bear Creek Park 13750 88 Ave Wood Chips
Betty Huff Park 13105 Huntley Ave Wood Chips
Bolivar Park 13591 Crestview Dr Wood Chips
Bolivar Park Upper 13670 114 Ave Wood Chips
Bridgeview Park 11475 126A St Sand
Cottontail Tot-Lot 9352 132A St Wood Chips
Forsyth Park 10620 139 St Wood Chips / Rubberized
Hawthorne Park 10503 144 St Wood Chips
Hawthorne Park - Kinsol Structure 10503 144 St Wood Chips
Holland Park 13428 Old Yale Rd Wood Chips / Rubberized
Moffat Memorial Park 9434 122 St Wood Chips
Poplar Park 13074 112 Ave Wood Chips
Queen Mary Park 8972 Queen Mary Blvd Wood Chips
Robertson Drive Park 12714 92 Ave Wood Chips / Sand
Robson Park 12576 100 Ave Wood Chips / Rubberized
Royal Heights Park 9780 Crown Crescent Wood Chips
Royal Kwantlen Park 13035 104 Ave Wood Chips
Surrey Nature Centre 14225 Green Timbers Way Wood Chips
Whalley Athletic Park 13351 105A Ave Rubberized
West Village 13231 Central Ave Rubberized
William Beagle Park 12944 92A Ave Wood Chips
21C Tot-Lot 9652 129 St Wood Chips