Girl skating at Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex.

Are you going to a skating lesson? Learn what to expect during your visit to the arena.

This story will show you what it is like to go to the arena for a skating lesson.

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Going to a skating lesson

When I go to skating lessons, I will wear skates, a helmet, a jacket and gloves or mittens.

Girl skating at Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex.

I will line up with my class and wait for my instructor.

A skating instructor and a line up of kids.

I will remember that my skates are sharp and keep my feet down. I will not kick.

People tying their hockey skates.

When I am on the ice, I will stay in my lessons area.

A skating instructor and a group of children participants.

I will watch and listen to my instructor. I can ask questions if I do not understand something.

A skating instructor and participant.

During my lesson I will practice old skills, learn new skills and play games.

An instructor showing a child how to ice skate.

When lesson time is up, I will leave the ice.

I will find my parent and go home.

A child unzipping their jacket after skating at the ice rink.