a boy is sitting at the side of an indoor pool

Are you going to a swimming lesson? Learn what to expect during your visit to the pool.

This story will show you what it is like to go to the pool for a swimming lesson.

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Going to a swimming lesson

When I go to swimming lessons, I will wear a bathing suit or swim shorts and goggles.

I will find my class meeting spot on deck and will wait for my instructor.

I will walk on the pool deck because it is slippery and I want to be safe.

When I am in the pool I will stay in the lesson area.

I will watch and listen to my instructor.

I will ask questions if I do not understand something.

During my lessons, I will practice old skills. 

I will learn new skills and I will play games.

When my lesson time is up, I will get out of the pool.

I will get my towel, find my parent and go home.

a parent and child with a towel