Learn about before and after school care for your child.

Register your child in the City of Surrey's Before and After School Care program. Programs are available to children attending kindergarten to grade seven. Each day your child will have the time to create, move, discuss, observe, read and play. Our highly trained staff will ensure that your child is actively engaged in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities each day.

We are committed to keeping children safe at our before and after school care programs during COVID-19. Review City of Surrey's Before and After School Program Safety Guidelines and FAQs.


Cloverdale - Started September 21

Whalley - Started September 21

Newton - Postponed to November 1


    • Before School Care: 7am to first bell
    • After School Care: school dismissal bell to 6pm

    After School Care start times adjust on school early dismissal days. Before and After School Care is not offered on SD36 Non-Instructional Days or school holiday closures. 


    • Before School Care is $8.70 per day, beginning September 2020
    • After School Care is $19.80 per day, beginning September 2020

    Monthly payment options are available on a non-equalized schedule and will be deducted on the first of each month. Scheduled payment information must be provided at the time of registration. Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Automatic Debit Withdrawal. The cost is based on the number of program days that your child is registered to attend, (for example, if your child is registered to attend 21 days in September, you will pay the daily rate(s) x 21).

    How to Register

    Child(ren) must be registered and attending the school for which the program is being offered. Registration at more than one site is not permitted, and may result in the cancellation of your registration.

    When registering, families can choose up to five days per week of Before and/or After school care during the school year. Days will be non-transferable and the chosen day(s) will be scheduled and charged for the duration of the program, (for example, if your child is registered for Mondays and Wednesdays, registration will be scheduled for every Monday and Wednesday throughout the school year). 

    Refunds are not given if your child does not attend the program. The Before and After School Care program cannot accommodate drop in, flexible care or weekly changes. 

    Please contact the following recreation facilities to register your child in Before and/or After School Care.

    Financial Support

    In addition to providing monthly payment plans, the Before and After School Care program offers financial support through the Affordable Child Care Benefit, which is available to help eligible families with the cost of licensed childcare. For information on the Affordable Child Care Benefit, see My Family Services below, or visit the Ministry of Children and Family website

    My Family Services

    My Family Services provides online access to the Affordable Child Care Benefit, and the Autism Funding Program. Families are welcome to use this service to access their personal case information from a mobile device, tablet or computer; available 24 hours per day.

    The My Family Services online portal also allows you to:

    • Receive key messages that affect your approved services
    • Upload documents and forms
    • View the status of your case