Before and After School Care class

Learn about before and after school care for your child.

Learn about the City of Surrey's Licensed Before and After School Care program and register your child aged 5 to 13. Guided by experienced and passionate leaders, the program is designed to keep children safe and engaged in a variety of activities while learning and growing to their full potential. 

Before and After School Parent Handbook

How to register for the 2024/2025 school year

Returning families

All registrations are submitted by email. There is no in-person registration. 

We will email you an online questionnaire before 7:30am on the registration date of your location (see table below). Fill out the questionnaire when registration opens.

Location Community Registration date & time
Boundary Park Elementary Newton February 15, 7:30am

Cloverdale Ballpark/George Greenaway

Cloverdale February 14, 7:30am
David Brankin Elementary Whalley February 14, 7:30am
Edgewood Elementary South Surrey February 15, 7:30am
Ellendale Elementary Guildford February 13, 7:30am

Maddaugh Elementary

Cloverdale February 13, 7:30am

Martha Currie Elementary

Cloverdale February 15, 7:30am

Woodward Hill Elementary

Newton February 13, 7:30am


New families

All registrations are submitted by phone. There is no in-person registration.

Registration opens on Thursday, February 22 at 7:30am for all locations. When registration opens, call the phone number of the location you'd like to register your child at.

Location & phone number Community
AHP Matthew Elementary
Boundary Park Elementary

Cloverdale Ballpark/George Greenaway

David Brankin Elementary
Edgewood Elementary
South Surrey

Ellendale Elementary


Maddaugh Elementary


Martha Currie Elementary


Woodward Hill Elementary


“Both of my children have been attending Before and After School Care since they were in kindergarten. The hours of operation are extremely flexible, and the program is vital for families that have two working parents and no other childcare options. My family and I are extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to partake in such an exceptional program.” - Jason P.


  • Before School: 7am to first bell
  • After School: from dismissal to 6pm

After School Care start times adjust on school early dismissal days. Program is not offered on SD36 Non-Instructional Days or school holiday closures.


Before school care

  • Kindergarten students: $0.80 per day
  • Grade 1 to 7 students: $5.93 per day

After school care

  • Kindergarten students: $12.10 per day
  • Grade 1 to 7 students: $17.22 per day

Affordable options

  • As a licensed program, parents may apply for the Affordable Child Care Benefit to help reduce costs.
  • Non-equalized monthly payment plans available. Funds are deducted on the first of each month.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Automatic Debit Withdrawal.

Important information

  • Child(ren) must be registered and attending the school for which the program is being offered. Registration at more than one site is not permitted and may result in the cancellation of your registration.
  • Families may choose up to five days per week of Before and/or After school care during the school year. Days are non-transferable and the chosen day(s) will be scheduled and charged for the duration of the program. (i.e. if your child is registered for Mondays and Wednesdays, registration will be scheduled for every Monday and Wednesday throughout the school year). 
  • Refunds are not given if your child does not attend the program. The Before and After School Care program cannot accommodate drop in, flexible care or weekly changes.

Frequently asked questions

Can my child go to more than one location?


Is there a price break if I register both my kids together?

No. The price is per child. 

What activities will my child be doing?

Children will enjoy crafts, board games, active play, time to do homework, read and have snacks. 

What important skills do children learn?

Children learn social and emotional learning within a responsive curriculum based on the child's interest. 

Are leaders certified?

All leaders are certified in both first aid and High Five which is Canada's quality standard for children's recreation and sport, built on the principles of healthy child development.