Visitors looking at a colourful painting

Find out about the artworks and exhibits in our Open Sound Program and corresponding Sound Thinking symposiums between 2008–2019.

Open Sound

Open Sound was an exhibition program that ran from 2008–2019 at Surrey Art Gallery to support the production and presentation of audio art forms as part of contemporary art practice. Open Sound presented the leading edge of audio art and included site specific installation, radio experiments, ecological practices, and other investigations into the limits of sound today.

Sound Thinking

From 2008–2019, Surrey Art Gallery's annual Sound Thinking symposium brought together practitioners and professionals in sound art. The symposium featured leading sound artists, scholars, and researchers in the field of sound studies, along with visual artists who use sound as key components of their practice and musicians who experiment with the limits of music and sound. Sound Thinking accompanied Surrey Art Gallery's Open Sound program and related to the sound artworks on display during the year.

Below you can read more about our past Open Sound exhibitions and their related Sound Thinking symposiums organized by year.