Learn about exhibitions held at Surrey Art Gallery with this online publication series.

Surrey Art Gallery Presents is an online publication series that features commentary and criticism of specially commissioned artworks, site-specific projects, and exhibitions organized by Surrey Art Gallery.

The intention of the series is to make information on exhibitions easily available to the public. These texts are often written by specialists familiar with the project in question. All Surrey Art Gallery Presents publications are available here for free download, arranged in order of publication.

Please visit our Exhibitions for other documents, such as exhibit pamphlets and information sheets.

Terms and Conditions

Emergent: Patrick Cruz, A.S. Dhillon, Debbie Tuepah
Dangling Modifiers - essay by Jordan Strom
Artists Biographies
List of Works

SEARCH/RESEARCH: contemporary landscapes
Blaine Campbell, Landon Mackenzie, Scott Massey, David Pirrie: Search/Research - essay by Brian Foreman
Artists' Statements
Artists' Biographies

(sub)Urban Exchange: East Kilbride.uk < > Surrey.ca
Introduction - by Brian Foreman
Focusing on the suburban-assigning cultural value - essay by Sylvia Grace Borda
(sub)Urban Exchange: Whalley Becomes City Centre - essay by Laura Hackett

Julie Andreyev & Simon Lysander Overstall: Salmon People
Hard Destiny: Julie Andreyev and Simon Lysander Overstall's Salmon People - essay by Carol Gigliotti
Artists' Statement

Sonny Assu: 1UP Reading the Tide: Water and Land as Storytellers of Place - essay by Ellyn Walker Exhibition Statement Biographies

Scenocosme: Rencontres Imaginaires Tearing the Screen: Imaginary Encounters in the Real World - essay by Rhys Edwards Exhibition Statement Biographies

Paul Wong: Year of Gif Digital Vagrants: Paul Wong's Year of Gif - essay by Joni Low Exhibition Statement Biographies

Marianne Nicolson: The Way In Which It Was Given to Us Bearing Witness - essay by Siku Allooloo Exhibition Statement Biographies
Alex McLeod: PHANTASMAGORIA Looking to Connect: Alex McLeod's PHANTASMAGORIA - essay by Sky Goodden Exhibition Statement Biographies
Jim Bizzocchi: Ambient Landscapes Introduction - by Rhys Edwards Artist's Statement Biography

Nicolas Sassoon: Liquid Landscapes Dreaming the Pixel Imaginary - essay by Rhys Edwards Biographies
Triangle Trade Jérôme Havre, Cauleen Smith, and Camille
Turner in conversation with Yaniya Lee - 
interview by Yaniya Lee Biographies