Image credit: Gailan Ngan, Double Hearing, 2017, clay, slips, glazes, metal stand, 128 cm x 89 cm x 51 cm. Photo by Dennis Ha. Collection of Surrey Art Gallery. Purchased with support of the Surrey Art Gallery Association.

Winter Exhibitions

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Entrance to Surrey Art Gallery and Surrey Arts Centre showing a colourful vinyl window mural.

Atheana Picha: Echoes

This window mural at the entrance to Surrey Arts Centre celebrates the cultural importance of Coast Salish mountain goat horn bracelets and the significance the animal has to the people from this territory.

Colourful mural by Sandeep Johal on Surrey Arts Centre classroom windows, with 3 people nearby.

Sandeep Johal: It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see

This vinyl mural on the Surrey Arts Centre classroom windows invites play, joy, and wonder.

A photograph of a theatre stage that shows numerous backdrop structures, some green, some yellow, and some with flowers falling over the top. Some structures form a rectangular roof, while others are round portals.

Josh Hite: A Vista

Spectacular ever-changing sequence of theatrical backdrops in this multimedia installation about performance and labour.

Two children face the left side of the photograph. One child stands behind the seated one to braid her long hair. They both wear bright pink, orange, pink printed clothing, against a white backdrop.

un/tangling, un/covering, un/doing

un/tangling, un/covering, un/doing shares stories embedded in the rituals attached to hair, such as acts of resistance and sacred reverence. 

A turquoise-coloured duck on a lake with large sun flowers, plants, and sun behind it.

Art by Surrey Elementary School Students

Biennial exhibit showcases the variety and depth of art education in Surrey School District. 

Past Exhibitions

Acrylic painting of land masses in different colours with what appears to be a sun with rays of light shining across a blue background.

Kampala to Canada

Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Ugandan-Asian Canadians' forced exile from Uganda through painting and photography.

A close-up of a flower in neon purple lighting against a black background.

all roses sleep (inviolate light)

Following the perspective of a solitary bee on a journey through the prairies in search of a wild rose, this immersive video by Alana Bartol and Bryce Krynski blends how bees and humans experience the land around us.

Red and blue cotton fabric with geometric patterns create a tent-like shape.

Swapnaa Tamhane: No Surface is Neutral

Swapnaa Tamhane’s work challenges the colonial hierarchical separation between art, craft, and design in India. Her artworks include sweeping textile installations where space is transformed by fabric, colour, and light, and works on handmade paper.

An overhead photograph of a handspun wool blanket with square shapes of various dark, medium, and light blue colours line the left and right of the blanket design. In the centre are wavy zigzag lines against a white background.

Atheana Picha: Salish Weaving Residency

Nash’mene’ta’naht Atheana Picha brings her loom and weaving supplies to the Gallery for an eight-week summer residency.

A man with face markings stares forward. A brown circle with a black border and blue shapes surrounds him.

Invisible Fish

Primarily showcasing works from Salish artists early in their careers, this exhibition borrows its title from a Joy Harjo poem that speaks to the spirit of this group show—familial and community connections centered around waterways.

A hole at the center of a sea shell made out of crochet and recycled material

Diane Roy: The Deep and the Shallows

Imaginative and innovative, Diane Roy’s textile art has developed a unique formal language over the past four decades.


Painting of arbutus trees, moody photograph of mooring poles, painting of SkyTrain commuter

ARTS 2023

Experience art in a variety of media through this annual juried exhibition organized with Arts Council of Surrey.

Two green walls with text and photographs frame a space with two yogibos. A film plays on the wall in between the two greens where a woman sitting cross-legged on grass in nature is shown. She has her elbows bent overhead, one hand cups her jaw, the other hand is behind her back.

Masi Medicine: Joyful Nourishment

Alyssa Amarshi, Franz Seachel, and Anjalica Solomon use poetry and dance to explore identity, nourishment through play, and centring joy.

Wood and metal sculpture of a forked tree on an orange square base by Charles Campbell in a purple gallery space, with gallery visitors nearby

Charles Campbell: An Ocean to Livity

Experience sculptural and audio installations that connect the Black diaspora's past and future through breath.

Two people stand on stumps with legs slightly apart and arms stretched wide against Gallery backdrop.

Cindy Mochizuki: Autumn Strawberry (Dance Film)

Experience this video project that shows performers responding to Mochizuki's previous exhibition of the same name that animated the history of berry farming prior to WWII by Japanese settler families across the Fraser Valley.