Colourful vinyl mural showing flowers and birds on window exteriors of Surrey Arts Centre classrooms.

This vinyl mural on the Surrey Arts Centre classroom windows invites play, joy, and wonder.

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Surrey Art Gallery - 13750 88 Ave

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Birds, tigers, and monkeys are often part of tales in traditional Indian folk art, acting as storytellers. Sandeep Johal brings these animals together with mark making inspired by South Asian textiles (including black and white dots and lines, as well as colourful geometric shapes and patterns) to evoke feelings of joy, wonder, strength, courage, and play. Let this fun-filled window mural design lead your imagination and encourage you to think without boundaries, to create without judgment, and to play without rules. This artwork can be seen on the outside of the lower windows of the Gallery classrooms.

About the Artist

Sandeep Johal is a Vancouver-based visual artist whose colorful forms and intricate black and white line work are aesthetically and conceptually inspired by her South Asian heritage. Johal believes in the power of art to create awareness around issues related to cultural identity, gender equality, and human rights. Her art practice is an expression of her social and cultural concerns, particularly gender justice.

Curator: Suvi Bains
Origin of Exhibition: Surrey Art Gallery