Surrey Art Gallery is located within Surrey Arts Centre. We are committed to providing accessible and inclusive services, programs, and opportunities.

Working with artists and cultural workers from the local disability communities, the Gallery is in the process of developing an access commitment statement along with a set of guiding principles that will inform the work we do in all areas. We look forward to sharing more.  

Please contact us with your questions related to accessibility at We’d also appreciate your feedback on how we’re doing and how we can do better. 

Map of Gallery

A floorplan map of Surrey Art Gallery

Requesting specific access accommodations

  • We will do our best to accommodate your needs when you arrive.
  • Please provide us with 2 weeks advance notice for specific requests such as ASL interpretation. Note that this is in relation to events, not classes or drop-in visits. 

Visiting the Gallery

Here are some of the attributes of the Gallery:


  • Free parking with 6 designated accessible stalls across from the main  entrance to the Arts Centre.
  • Side ramp for vans available at least 4.7 metres wide.

Bike rack

  • While there is no bike rack near the entrance to the Arts Centre, there is 1 bike rack with 6 spots available for bikes near the entrance to the Bear Creek Pavilion, which is about 70 meters (approximately 229 ft) from the main entrance to the Arts Centre.
  • Maximum of 2 bikes may be locked to the poles in the central courtyard as well.

Public transportation

  • Plan your trip online.
  • From Surrey Central or King George Skytrain station, take the R1 Newton Exchange or 321 bus to King George/88 Ave stop and walk 5 minutes to Surrey Arts Centre.
  • For HandyDART, BC TransLink's door-to-door shared transit service, please contact TransLink at 604 953 3680.

Entrance and exit

  • Entrance to the building has a non-slip ramp with less than 5% slope.
  • Outdoor pathways leading to the entrance are hard-packed surfaces with less than 5% slope.
  • There are two sets of entrance doors to the Arts Centre. Each set of entrance doors is at least 815 millimetres wide. The set of doors on the left has an accessibility push button whereas the set on the right does not. Please note that the doors on the right can be heavy when opening.
  • Lowered counter at front desk, box office, and concession.

Moving through the Gallery & Arts Centre

  • Multiple seating areas of varying heights in Gallery and lobby spaces.
  • Minimal visual clutter and obstacles, with signage throughout building. In addition, there are free visitor guide pamphlets that can be picked up in the lobby which indicates the location for each exhibition.
  • Steps and slope changes have handrails. 
  • 2 gender-neutral single occupant washrooms are available, 1 near the lobby and the other by the door leading to the classrooms on the lower level. Both gender-neutral single occupant washrooms have doors that are at least 815 mm wide with inward swing door that can accommodate a support person. The one in the lobby has a baby change table whereas the one in the lower level does not. Both are equipped with a safety grab bar.
  • The elevator is large enough for a 180 degree turn with a mobility  device. 

Eating and drinking

  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the exhibition spaces.
  • Food and beverages are generally permitted in the front lobby, mid lobby, art studios, and courtyard of the Arts Centre. 

Lighting, scent, sound

  • Neutral wall colours in lobby spaces (note: artwork throughout building).
  • Audible alarm system.
  • The City of Surrey thrives scent-free workplace. Low or no scents within the building is encouraged. For any artworks that have a scent component, notice will be given.
  • During the spring and summer, there can be strongly scented flowers in the beds at the entrance (for example: hyacinths).


  • Sensory kits consist of an assortment of items that can help to calm overstimulating situations.
  • Sensory kits can be borrowed by anyone at front desk. Kits include items such as fidgets, noise-cancelling headphones, a colouring book, and a pack of crayons. Items might slightly vary from kit to kit depending on availability.
  • Sensory tools are also available in the two art studios.
  • Accessible pottery wheel available in the Ceramics Studio.

Service dogs

  • Service dogs are welcome. As we are situated in a park, there is an animal relief area.

Outdoor courtyard

  • The outdoor courtyard can be accessed via three sets of doors in the lobby. Currently, none of these doors are automated.
  • There are four wooden benches with back support situated within the courtyard.

Accessing information digitally

  • Closed captioning is available for videos on the Gallery's YouTube account.
  • Image descriptions and video descriptions are provided on the Gallery's social media posts on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Videos in exhibition spaces will have English closed captioning available if there are spoken elements (either on the video itself or using QR codes).