Become familiar with the home-based business regulations for your Surrey business.

The City of Surrey allows most businesses to be operated from home, provided that the zoning regulations for home-based businesses are followed.

Businesses that are not permitted from home are:

  • automotive services
  • social escort agencies
  • tow-truck operations
Single Family Properties

Businesses operated from residences have specific regulations. For single family dwelling or duplex zoned properties, the following regulations apply:

  • No person other than a member of the immediate family occupying the dwelling may be employed.
  • No goods may be displayed or sold on the premises.
  • No alterations may be made that change the character of the building as a dwelling.
  • The aggregate floor area of all home occupations may not exceed 25% of the area of one floor of the principal building regardless of whether the home occupation is, or will be, carried on in the principal building or in an accessory building or structure.
  • No evidence of the home occupation, including storage of materials or illuminated signs, may be visible from outside the confines of the dwelling.
Multi-Residential Properties

For multi-residential zoned properties such as apartments, townhouses or condominiums, the following regulations apply:

  • The use of the premises shall be confined to the incidental use of a telephone and records pertaining directly to the business.
  • No goods may be displayed or sold on the premises.
  • No alterations may be made that change the character of the dwelling.
  • No signs may be displayed on the premises.
  • The storage of vehicles or equipment associated with a home occupation is not permitted on or near the lot.
  • In the case of rental premises, the business licence applicant will be required to obtain the permission of the owner of the premises before a business licence can be issued.
Bed & Breakfasts

A Bed & Breakfast is a business operation carried on by the members of a family as a home occupation, providing temporary sleeping accommodations, with or without meals being provided, for a prescribed charge on a daily basis. Bed and breakfasts are not permitted if the property has a secondary suite.

  • The maximum length of occupancy by any patron is not more than 30 days in a 12-month period.
  • Not more than six patrons shall be accommodated within one dwelling unit.
  • Not more than three bedrooms shall be used for the bed and breakfast.
  • No cooking facilities or other facilities for the keeping of food shall be provided within the bedrooms intended for the said operation.
  • Parking of cars, trucks, house trailers, campers or boats operated by the patrons shall be provided for within the lot.
  • A business licence is required for a bed and breakfast. The following zones permit bed and breakfast operations: A-1, A-2, RA, RA-G, RH, RH-G, RFO and RF
  • Every proprietor of a bed and breakfast must:
    • supply the Bylaw and Licencing Section with the number of bedrooms intended for the operation, the daily rate of charge, and whether meals are to be provided;
    • keep records of all patrons, including dates of arrival and departure;
    • post the daily rate of charge at an easily visible location in the premises; and
    • request inspection of the premises at the time the business licence application is made.