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would prefer to receive Quotations on or before January 31, 2023

Revised February 24, 2023


Sunny Kaila
Manager, Procurement Services 
Finance Department
Tel:  (604) 590-7274




This RFQ is for two separate Seating Systems (Goods): Schedule A-1 Mainstage Fixed Seating and Schedule A-2 Studio Telescopic Seating.

The Contractor shall furnish all necessary labour, materials, supplies, and transportation necessary to remove existing seating, supply, deliver and install the Good(s) and any spare parts and performance of the Services in accordance with this Agreement.

The Mainstage Fixed Seating (Schedule A-1) is tentatively scheduled for August 2023 and consisting of fixed audience seating. The Studio Telescopic Seating (Schedule A-2) is tentatively scheduled for January 2024 which is a telescoping tiered platform complete with seating.

Each of these Seating Systems are to be quoted as three (3) phases, each as a separate line item:

Phase 1) Removal and disposal of existing seating;
Phase 2) Supply and delivery of the Seating System; and
Phase 3) Installation of the Seating System.

Note: Each Seating System may be awarded separately and not necessarily to the same Contractor.


An information meeting will be hosted by the City Representative to discuss the City’s requirements under this RFQ (the “Information Meeting”). While attendance is at the discretion of Contractors, Contractors who do not attend will be deemed to have attended the Information Meeting and to have received all of the information given at the Information Meeting.

At the time of issuance of this RFQ a meeting has been scheduled as follows:

Date: January 12, 2023
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Surrey Arts Centre, 13750 88th Avenue, Surrey, B.C., V3W 3L1

It is possible that some questions raised, and information provided during the Information Meeting may be the only source of critical information essential to prepare and submit a successful Quotation. Contractors are responsible to ensure they are fully informed and have a clear understanding of the requirements.

Contractors are to examine the site prior to submitting a Quotation to fully acquaint themselves with all existing conditions reasonably inferable from examination of the site and its surroundings and the RFQ and to make allowance for such conditions in the Quotation. By submitting a Quotation, a Contractor represents that it has examined the site fully as to all conditions, contingencies, risks and circumstances, local or otherwise, which might influence or affect the performance of the Work.

Note: No minutes of the information meeting and site tour will be provided

The Contractor is responsible for parking fees, if applicable.


If the City determines that an amendment is required to this RFQ, the City Representative will issue a written addendum by posting it on the BC Bid Website at and the City Website at (collectively, the “Websites”), and upon posting, any addenda will form part of this RFQ. It is the responsibility of Contractors to check the Websites for addenda. The only way this RFQ may be added to, or amended in any way, is by a formal written addendum. No other communication, whether written or oral, from any person will affect or modify the terms of this RFQ or may be relied upon by any Contractor. By delivery of a Quotation, the Contractor is deemed to have received, accepted and understood the entire RFQ, including any and all addenda.

All inquiries related to this RFQ should be directed in writing to