Learn more about Council's decision to allow Secondary Suites in Comprehensive Development Zones.

On November 9, 2020, Council endorsed a process to permit one secondary suite in Comprehensive Development (CD) Zones that permit a single family dwelling and that have adequate lot size, lot width, and lot depth to allow for an additional (third) off-street parking space for the secondary suite.

Staff researched existing CD Zones in the Zoning Bylaw and found that approximately 147 CD Zones will be amended. If you own property in one of these CD Zones, you will be notified by mail. The process for your Zone will begin when you receive your notice. Note that there will be no other changes in terms of permitted uses.

Please provide your feedback by the deadline on your notice. We are amending the zones in batches and are targeting completion this year. CD Zones in downzoned areas will not be considered as part of this process.  See the related Corporate Report for more information.


Additional Information

What is a Comprehensive Development (CD) Zone?

A CD zone is a custom zone that was created when your lot or subdivision was created. Like standard zones, it regulates what can be built on your property and how it can be used.

Why are secondary suites now being allowed in these CD Zones?

Since 2010, changes have been made to the Zoning Bylaw to allow secondary suites in most single family areas in Surrey. However, since your property is located in a unique CD Zone it was not part of these initial changes. Now, we are proposing changes to the zoning of your property to allow a secondary suite in your single family dwelling.

Once the Zoning for my property is amended, do I need to add a secondary suite?

No, you are not required to install a secondary suite. It will now just be a permitted option for your property.  Please note that secondary suite registration and building permit are still required.

Will all CD Zones be amended?

No. Only those CD Zones where the lot size, lot width, and lot depth are large enough to include a third off-street parking space will be amended. A third parking space is required for homes with a secondary suite. Staff have looked at all the CD zoned lots in the City and identified approximately 147 CD Zones that meet these requirements.

Review the locations of the CD Zones that meet these requirements and are part of this process.

How long will it take for my Zone to go through this process?

The process for your Zone will begin when you receive a notice in the mail. We are amending approximately 147 Zones in batches and are targeting completion this year.

When do I have to submit my feedback by?

Please submit feedback by the deadline date on your notice.

Once my Zone has been amended to include secondary suites, what is the process to install a secondary suite?

See our main Secondary Suites page to learn more about what you need to consider and do to install a secondary suite in your home.



For questions or comments, please contact Fay Keng Wong, Associate Planner, Community Planning Division at 604-591-4496 or fkwong@surrey.ca.