Review secondary suite fees and see how to register your secondary suite in Surrey.

A secondary suite is defined as a second dwelling unit (self-contained living quarters including cooking equipment and a bathroom), located within the structure of an owner-occupied single family dwelling.

All secondary suites in Surrey must be registered. To register, complete the Secondary Suite Declaration Form and submit the signed form to Property & Payment Services to or in person at Surrey City Hall.

A $1,000 penalty fee will be billed to the property for each unregistered secondary suite if the City becomes aware of a suite that is not registered.

Check if a suite is registered using our Secondary Suite Fee Web Inquiry tool..

Secondary suite annual payments

Secondary suite fees are based on the Secondary Suite Service Fee Bylaw. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or debit. Credit cards are not accepted.

Fee Metered Customers Flat Rate Customers
Secondary Suite Service Fee $893.00 $893.00
Garbage, Recycling & Organics $168 $168
Water Based on water consumption $415
Sewer Based on 86% of water consumption $666
Total $1061.00 plus consumption $2142.00


Secondary suite regulations

One secondary suite is permitted in conjunction with a single family dwelling in each zone in the Zoning Bylaw that permits a single family dwelling as a permitted use. Multiple suites are not permitted in Surrey, as outlined in the Zoning Bylaw.

Learn where and how you can build, install or apply for a legal secondary suite.

Complaints & enforcement

Submit complaints about secondary suites online.

Once a complaint is received, a City Bylaw Officer conducts an inspection. If the Officer determines that a secondary suite (or more than one secondary suite) exists where a secondary suite isn’t not permitted, the bylaw is explained to the property owner, as well as what must be done to bring the property into compliance. Follow up inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with the bylaw.

The bylaw doesn’t address who the occupant of a secondary suite is or whether the suite is occupied at all. This means that whether or not the secondary suite is occupied by family, rented out or vacant makes no difference in determining if a secondary suite exists. The existence of the cooking equipment and bathroom are the only considerations as to whether or not there is a secondary suite.

Secondary suite removal

Once you’ve removed any secondary suite, you can request an inspection with Bylaws by calling 604-591-4516, and pressing Option 2.

Before calling for an inspection, you must first:

  • Remove any stove(s) or other cooking equipment
  • Disconnect any outlets for stove(s) and cover them with drywall
  • Remove any hood fan
  • Remove the breaker for any stove from the electrical panel
  • Remove any applicable cabinetry (as per Building Division requirements)


For questions or concerns about secondary suites in Surrey, please contact:

  • Zoning requirements: 604-591-4448
  • Building permits: 604-591-4366
  • Complaints & enforcement: 604-591-4370 or Report a problem online
  • All other secondary suite-related questions: 604-591-4516 Option 2