Learn about the services Risk Management provides regarding claims and litigation.

Risk Management provides services to other departments within the City regarding risk, claims, litigation, and loss control issues. The group is divided into three sections of responsibility: claims and litigation, risk financing, and risk management.

Claims and Litigation

Claims Management involves the investigation of claims, both from third parties and damage to City property, the determination of liability, and the negotiation of settlements where the City is found to have a liability exposure. Litigation management involves the investigation, gathering of evidence and compiling of a case that is part of a civil trial or tribunal process.

Staff in Risk Management work closely with in-house or external legal counsel as well as other experts in fields such as engineering, medicine, economics and occupational therapy to build a strategy to resolve the legal matter.

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Risk Financing

The Risk Financing function for losses within the City is done primarily through self-insurance, in the form of large, self-insured retentions. However, the City does purchase Commercial Insurance to cover the very infrequent catastrophic losses. Insurance is purchased to fund losses for such risk as liability, property, cyber and auto.

Insurance Certificates

Learn more about City of Surrey's Insurance Certificate program that ensures contractors and their brokers are fully aware of, and can comply with the requirements under the contract.

Risk Management

Risk Management provides consulting services to the various departments on how to identify, plan for, and minimize risks in their daily business. The City is moving towards an Enterprise Wide Risk Management Program as a best practice to identify and manage the risk of operating a large and complex organization.

In an environment where risks are identified and managed, the total cost of risk are reduced, and resources are available to provide additional services to the public.

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