See what is involved when making a claim against the City of Surrey, which is handled by our Risk Management Division.

If you wish to make a claim, you must submit a Notice Of Claim (or letter) addressed as follows:

City of Surrey
Attention: City Clerk's Office
13450 - 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC
V3T 1V8


The letter notifying Surrey of your claim is a requirement under the Local Government Act. The letter must state the date, time, place, and manner in which the damage occurred as well as how the City is liable.

The letter must be received by the City Clerk within two (2) months of the date on which the damage occurred or the claim cannot be considered.

The letter should contain as many details as possible, including the names of contractors involved, photographs and your insurance adjuster if you have filed a claim under your insurance policy.

When Surrey Receives Your Claim:

  • An investigation is commenced.

  • You will receive a written acknowledgement of your Notice of Claim.

  • A decision is made upon the completion of the investigation.

  • You will be notified in writing of the decision.

Surrey will only pay claims where there is an exposure to liability.

Note: Surrey Work Crews are instructed not to discuss the circumstances of claims with claimants. Please direct all inquiries to Risk Management.

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