Learn about how Surrey’s policing services are changing.

The City of Surrey is transferring policing in Surrey from a contracted service delivery model to operation of an independent municipal police service.

The Police Act (1996) notes that municipalities with a population of more than 5,000 have the option of:

  • establishing an independent municipal police department, or
  • contracting with the province for the RCMP to provide policing services.   

The Motion to establish a Surrey Police Department was presented to Council on November 5, 2018. There was unanimous endorsement of this motion.

Transfer of Policing Services

The Municipal Police Unit Agreement (2012) is the legal agreement that governs policing service delivery in Surrey. The RCMP currently provides policing services to Surrey under the terms of the Municipal Police Unit Agreement. This agreement will be in effect until Surrey Police Service (SPS) becomes the police agency of jurisdiction and the Municipal Police Unit Agreement is formally terminated.

In July 2020, the Province of BC appointed the Surrey Police Board and in August of that same year, the Board created the Surrey Police Service (SPS). The Board and SPS are rapidly scaling up operations to enable SPS to become the police agency of jurisdiction in Surrey. 

Overseeing the process to transfer police services is the Surrey Police Transition Trilateral Committee (SPTTC).  This committee, made up of representatives from the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, is responsible for coordinating the orderly, effective, and timely transfer of policing responsibilities from the RCMP to the SPS.

The City participates on the SPTTC and provides support to the Board and SPS per its obligations under the BC Police Act.  The City does not have a role in the day to day operations of the SPS or the Board.

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