Learn about Surrey’s policing services and Council’s recent decision to maintain the Surrey RCMP as the police of jurisdiction in Surrey.

Police Transition Update

Policing Surrey Report

Review the plan to retain the RCMP as the police of Jurisdiction in Surrey.

A plan to retain the RCMP as the police of jurisdiction in Surrey

On November 14, 2022, during the regular council meeting, Surrey Council approved a plan to retain Surrey RCMP as police of jurisdiction. Corporate Report R199: Police Transition Update.

Council directed staff to prepare a plan for maintaining the RCMP as police of jurisdiction in Surrey. 

The Policing Surrey Report details how the RCMP will staff up and ensure safety for all residents in Surrey through excellence in policing and well-established crime prevention programs.

Framework for maintaining the RCMP

On November 28, 2022 Council endorsed the framework for maintaining the RCMP as the police of jurisdiction in Surrey through Corporate Report No. R209.

Proposed framework is comprised of the following elements:

  1. Introduction, Context and Purpose
  2. Status Update on Transition Planning
  3. Draft Priorities, Goals and Objectives for Policing - 2023
  4. An Implementation Plan
  5. A workplan and timeline to support implementation of the plan

Shared commitment 

The City and the RCMP have a shared commitment to ensuring the steps and actions in the plan are implemented in a timely manner following approval to ensure adequate and effective policing in Surrey in a way that provides continued public and officer safety and continues to adhere to the Municipal Police Unit Agreement. Review the full plan in Corporate Report R224.