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Fleetwood Town Centre Plan

Fleetwood Town Centre

The original Fleetwood Town Centre Plan was approved in 2000. It established the vision of a mixed use town centre, focused on the intersection of 160th Street and Fraser Highway. At the time, the Plan did not envision rapid transit along Fraser Highway.

In 2014 the City began a process to update the Plan. The intent was to reflect changing market conditions and plans for Light Rail Transit (LRT) along Fraser Highway. In 2016 Council approved an updated plan.

In 2018 transit plans for Fraser Highway changed and we are now moving forward with a SkyTrain extension. As a result we will be revisiting and updating the Stage 1 (2016) plan.

Get Involved

Thank you to everyone involved in the planning process so far. Your input has helped develop a draft land use plan. Next steps involve refinements to the land use plan to incorporate SkyTrain along the corridor.

Check back here shortly for more information on upcoming community consultation opportunities.

Plan Area

The plan area is centred on Fraser Highway and runs from the 88 Avenue intersection in west and the 168 Street intersection in the east. The plan is bounded by 88 Avenue in the north and 80 Avenue in the south. In total the plan area encompasses approximately 400 hectares (997 acres).

Process & Timeline

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  • Step 1: Getting Started expand
  • February, 2014, Council endorsed Corporate Report R035 and directed staff to proceed with an update to the Fleetwood Town Centre land use plan. Following Council authorization to proceed, staff began preliminary planning and background studies, including:

    • Fleetwood Town Centre Commercial Study
    • Fleetwood Town Centre Heritage Study
  • Step 2: Developing the Plan expand
  • Early planning and engagement assumed future Light Rail Transit (LRT) along Fraser Highway. Following the completion of background studies, we initiated a preliminary community engagement process. We hosted pop-up booths at events, stakeholder meetings, surveys and an open house:

    At the preliminary events residents shared their ideas and concerns and explored land use options. Input supported the development of a draft plan. We offered more community engagement through 2015 and 2016. Opportunities included community meetings and workshops, more surveys and a second open house:

    Input gathered from the second phase of public engagement helped refine a draft land use plan. In July, 2016 Council endorsed Corporate Report R187 which approved the updated Stage 1 land use plan.

    In late 2018 Council directed staff to immediately start working on a Fraser Highway SkyTrain extension. This was later supported by the regional Mayors’ Council which formalized the project. This change in transit technology, from LRT to SkyTrain, is cause for further review of the Stage 1 land use plan.

    On April 1, 2019, Council endorsed Corporate Report R059 which directed staff to begin a planning review of the corridor. This includes a formal review of the Stage 1 Fleetwood Town Centre Plan. We are now underway with a series of background studies and a review of the existing plan boundaries.

    Check back shortly for more information, including details on upcoming public engagement opportunities.

  • Step 3: Refining the Plan expand
  • Following Council endorsement of an updated Stage 1 land use plan, staff will undertake the Stage 2 planning process. This will include detailed engineering and financial analysis. It will also include further refinements to land uses and the development of urban design guidelines. Stage 2 work will also include more opportunities for community engagement.

  • Step 4: Completing the Plan expand
  • Once the Plan is ready staff will report back to Council seeking endorsement of the final (Stage 2) Fleetwood Town Centre Plan.

Background Information

In 2010 a representative of the Fleetwood Community Association prepared a delegation to Council requesting a review of the plan and its implementation. In response the City retained a consultant to work with the Fleetwood Community Association to consult with stakeholders in the area and develop an Action Strategy for Fleetwood Town Centre. 

In February, 2014, Council endorsed Corporate Report R035 and directed staff to proceed with an update to the land use plan for Fleetwood Town Centre. Following Council authorization to proceed, staff began preliminary planning and analysis of the area and made preparations for community engagement.

In July, 2016, following a public consultation process, Council endorsed Corporate Report R187 which approved an updated Stage 1 land use plan and directed staff to undertake the Stage 2 planning process. 

On November 5, 2018 Council passed Resolution R18-2088 which directed staff to immediately start working on a Fraser Highway SkyTrain extension. The following month the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation (the “Mayors’ Council”) endorsed the project. This formalized an extension of the Expo Line SkyTrain to Fleetwood Town Centre.

On April 1, 2019, Council endorsed Corporate Report R059 which authorized staff to commence the Fraser Highway SkyTrain Corridor Planning Areas review, including all preliminary planning and background studies.

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