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Cemetery Services

Rockery and area inside Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery.

The City of Surrey owns and operates 3 cemeteries in Surrey 

offering traditional in ground burial for both casket and cremated remains.

Additional economic options for cremated remains include columbaria (above ground wall structure), scattering and ossuary opportunities. We work with families to honour the final wishes of those that have passed before us by offering memorial options for those that have chosen to locate the cremated remains elsewhere. We believe that a cemetery is a place for the living to remember lives lived in a park-like, peaceful setting.

The City also provides services for families that are not able to afford the cost of interment through the Ministry Markers program and is raising funds to place memorial markers on unmarked graves.

 See an overview Map for City of Surrey Cemetery Locations.

Scattering Garden at Sunnyside Cemetery                                  Grave markers in the grass at Surrey Centre Cemetery
Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery               Hazelmere Cemetery                               Surrey Centre Cemetery

Contact information

City of Surrey Cemeteries - Administration Office
6348 - 168th Street, Surrey BC  V3S 3Y1
Phone:  604-598-5770
Fax:  604-598-5880

Cemeteries in Surrey

Listing of cemeteries in Surrey

Ministry Markers Program

The ministry marker program provides free grave markers for those who can't afford the cost of interment.

Products, Services & Fees

Cemetery products, services and fees

Resources for Families

View additional grief, financial and cemetary resources available for families.

Veterans Projects

Cemetery Services Veteran's Projects