See a complete listing of all city-owned and privately owned cemeteries in Surrey.

Upgrades to Surrey Centre Cemetery are happening July 24 to the end of September. Work includes site upgrades like additional screen tree planting, and does not involve the established forested area. 

Surrey is home to a number of cemeteries. Each cemetery operation is required to keep permanent records of those who are interred in their cemetery. Municipalities are not responsible for all burial records in their geographic area. They are only responsible for those in the cemeteries owned and operated by them.

See our Locate a Loved One page for burial records of city-owned cemeteries. For all other cemeteries not owned by the City, you will need to contact each cemetery to determine if a loved one is interred in that cemetery.

City-Owned Cemeteries

Surrey Centre Cemetery

16671 Old McLellan Road

Surrey Centre Cemetery is a 14-acre cemetery located in West Cloverdale at 16671 Old McLellan Road. It was established early in the history of Surrey by the Methodist Church and has been in use for more than 110 years. It was acquired by the City in 1924. This site is the final resting place of many of Surrey's pioneers and is also noted for many of its unique trees and shrubs. As a result, this site was also added to the Surrey Heritage Register in December 2000.

Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery

14850 – 28th Avenue

The Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery is a 28-acre site in South Surrey located at 14850 – 28th Avenue. Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery began providing burial service to the citizens of Surrey in 1954. The cemetery was originally established as a lawn cemetery, which means all memorials are flat. Since January 2018, some designated burial lots allow upright monuments. The historic Semiahmoo Trail travels through part of the cemetery. The area of trees to the south and west were established as cemetery back in the 1930s, and someday will be developed for cemetery purposes.

Hazelmere Cemetery

19198 – 16 Avenue

Hazelmere is a rural, 1.5-acre site located in the Hazelmere area of South Surrey at 19198 – 16 Avenue. The first burial in Hazelmere Cemetery occurred in the late 1800s and the location was officially established in 1908 by the Hall's Prairie Cemetery Company. The City of Surrey assumed operation of this cemetery in 1958. In December 2000, this cemetery was added to the Surrey Heritage Register for having historical and cultural significance.

Cemetery Visiting Hours

You are welcome to visit any of the cemeteries listed below between 8am and dusk or 8pm, whichever comes first.

For more information, contact City of Surrey, Cemetery Services at 604-598-5770 or Our office is located at Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery, 14850 – 28 Avenue.

Directory of All Cemeteries in Surrey

Cemetery Phone Ownership
Surrey Centre Cemetery 604-598-5770 City of Surrey
Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery 604-598-5770 City of Surrey
Hazelmere Cemetery 604-598-5770 City of Surrey
Heritage Gardens 604-538-0074 Heritage Gardens Surrey Cemeteries
Valley View Memorial Gardens 604-596-7196 Arbor Memorial Gardens
Victory Memorial Park 604-536-6522 Service Corporation International
Gardens of Gethsemani 604-531-2141 Catholic - Diocese of Vancouver
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery 604-589-6045 (Anglican)
Schara Tzedeck Cemetery 604-733-2277 (Jewish)
Temple Shalom Cemetery 604-266-7190 (Jewish)
St. Helen's Anglican Church 604-581-4800 (small historical church cemetery)
St. Oswald's Anglican Church 604-583-8460 (small historical church cemetery)