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What the Data Tells Us

A Look at Surrey Crash Data

What if we stopped to ask ourselves: “How many people killed or seriously injured in traffic would be acceptable in my family?”

In 2018, Surrey’s traffic deaths totalled 21. These are not numbers on a page but real people. Our mothers, husbands, children and friends, neighbours and co-workers. Beyond the tragedy of these deaths about 12,000 people suffer from injuries annually.

This is unacceptable. It is time we take action through data driven and evidence-based decisions. Vision Zero Surrey will prioritize resourcing in areas facing the most risk and among those most at risk of being killed or seriously injured.

We can get to Zero by focussing efforts on Surrey’s Victims of Harm, Locations of Harm, and Perpetrators of Harm, identified through data analysis and community partnership.

Our Focus Areas

We have identified five focus areas through collision data analysis, public engagement and Council direction. Representing the City’s Victims of Harm (pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists), Locations of Harm (intersections) and Perpetrators of Harm (high-risk driving).

Hot Spot Map

Our Hot Spot Map below highlights locations in Surrey with a high frequency of severe crashes. These severe crashes are often called killed and seriously injured (KSI) collisions. The concentrated nature of Surrey’s collisions provides us with clear direction on where the City’s Locations of Harm are. View map as PDF.

Additional analysis from collision data also shows that:

  • Some road users are more likely to be killed or injured in KSI collisions, our Victims of Harm
  • Certain dangerous road user behaviours contribute to a large proportion of KSI collisions, our Perpetrators of Harm

Victims of Harm Stats

  • Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists account for 50% of Surrey’s KSI collisions
  • 65% of Surrey’s serious crashes occur on just 5% of our streets
  • 80% of Surrey’s KSI collisions occur at intersections
  • High risk driving behaviours are a contributing factor in about 66% of Surrey’s KSI crashes

Injuries Over the Years

  • Between 2008 and 2017 2,400 pedestrians were killed or injured on Surrey’s roads (ICBC Collision Data)
  • Between 2008 and 2017 1,000 cyclists were killed or injured on Surrey’s roads (ICBC Collision Data)
  • Between 2008 and 2017 750 motorcyclists were killed or injured on Surrey’s roads (ICBC Collision Data)
  • In 2017 alone, over 9,000 people were killed or injured at a Surrey intersection (ICBC Collision Data)
  • Distracted driving contributes to 33%, Speeding contributes to 18%, and Impaired driving contributes to 16% of KSI collisions in Surrey (TAS Collision Data)


Certain subgroups of the population suffer disproportionately on our roads. We will ensure that equity is embedded within our decision-making for each of the focus areas above.