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Surrey Emergency Program

Get the latest information and updates on Surrey's response to COVID-19. Send your questions or concerns to

July 3, 2020 Currently there is pending risk for flooding. The City is monitoring water levels from BC forecast centres. The City might move into Low Risk at the end of this week. Updates will be provided via our website, social media, and the Flood Information Hotline (604-591-4534). Visit for full details.

The Surrey Emergency Program (SEP) works to make sure our city is as prepared as possible for emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, severe storms and major fires. This public safety program is managed by the Surrey Fire Service and operates under Surrey's Emergency Bylaw.

Learn how to create emergency plans, and how to get involved in emergency preparedness efforts by joining organizations like the Emergency Social Services Program, Surrey Search & Rescue or the SEP Amateur Radio Society.

Contact the Surrey Emergency Program at

Create an Emergency Plan

fire extinguisher

Personal Emergency Preparedness

Make sure you and your family are prepared for a disaster for at least 72 hours.

man with phone

Business Emergency Preparedness

Make sure your business is prepared for a variety of emergencies.

Surrey Homes

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness

Help prepare your neighbourhood to be self-sufficient in the event of a disaster.

Preparing for Emergency Events

ground fire with houses in the background

Urban Wildfire Preparedness

Help keep your home and family safe from urban wildfires with these tips.

Woman under a desk during an earthquake drill

Earthquake Preparedness

Learn how to prepare for and what to do during an earthquake.

Flooding in Surrey

Flood Preparedness

Learn how to prepare for and what to do during a flood.

flooded community in Surrey

Flood Alerts along the Fraser River

Learn about the Fraser River Flood Plain and current risk levels.

Fallen tree on road

Storm Preparedness

Be aware of how you can stay safe during a storm.


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