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Digital Art

Imaginal Expression (detail) by Reva Stone

As a contemporary art museum focusing on work since 1975, digital media is a big part of what we do at Surrey Art Gallery.

Launched in 1999, our TechLab shows a wide array of digital art including artificial intelligence, interactive and immersive virtual environments, telerobotic sculptures and flash game installations, to name a few.

Open Sound introduces you to the amazing world of sound art. Learn more about this growing area of digital art at our annual Sound Thinking event in the fall.

UrbanScreen is the Gallery’s offsite venue that shows digital and interactive art on the west wall of the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre.

Visit Exhibitions for a complete listing of all our shows, including everything digital.

Excited to experience the delightful and surprising world of digital art? Plan your visit today!

Brady Cranfield: Work Hard, Play Hard

Open Sound & Sound Thinking

Discover our past sound art exhibits and annual Sound Thinking symposiums.

Flicker Art Media (Aleksandra Dulic & Kenneth Newby), Transience (2010), installation image. Courtesy of the artists, photographed by Sharon Doucette.


Visit Canada’s largest art-dedicated outdoor screen, projecting art after dark.

The Carved Tree

Digital Art Past Exhibitions

Explore past digital art exhibitions from the Gallery's history.

An audience member interacts with Cei Fei’s Apocalypse Tomorrow (2011) as part of the Cai Fei Simulus exhibition in 2012

Digital Art Opportunities

Learn about TechLab opportunities for artists interested in digital media.

TechLab exhibit, Every Bus Stop in Surrey, by Sylvia Grace Borda

About the TechLab

Read about the background, mission, and operations of the TechLab.

REMIXX team in 2005

TechLab Residencies

Meet the artists who took up residency in the TechLab to create their digital art projects.