84 Avenue

Phase 1: 84 Ave from King George Blvd to 140 St

Beginning January 10, the City’s contractor will commence construction on Phase 1: 84 Avenue Corridor and Park Improvements (King George Boulevard to 140 Street). Initial work will include mobilizing equipment, installing safety fencing and environmental protection measures, constructing temporary site accesses and site clearing.  Relevant work will be completed under the supervision of a Qualified Environmental Professional consultant. Temporary closures of park trails and parking will be necessary for construction and public safety.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and cooperation. Continue to check this page for project updates.

The City plans to complete road connections on 84 Avenue from 120 Street to Fraser Highway. An alternate, direct east-west connector will help increase road safety, connectivity and travel options. Construction will be done in phases over the next five years.

At the July 26, 2021 Council Meeting, Council approved the 84 Avenue corridor project between King George Boulevard and 140 Street and associated park improvements with the awarding of construction and engineering contracts.


Project Description

The City plans to provide an alternate, direct east-west connector to increase connectivity, road safety, and travel options.

The 84 Avenue Improvements from King George Boulevard (KGB) to 140 Street Project is Phase 1 of the City’s plans to complete the two missing road segments along 84 Ave between 120 Street and Fraser Highway (shown in Road Network and Project Location image below).

Completing the missing links will provide a continuous east-west connection between Newton and Fleetwood. The direct route will increase neighbourhood connectivity with convenient, safe and reliable transportation options including improved sidewalks, cycling paths, and easier access to transit. 

This alternate route will also help alleviate the heavy congestion on 88 Avenue and KGB, Surrey’s most dangerous intersection when it comes to motor vehicle collisions.

The vehicle lanes will be built within the existing road allowance and under the BC Hydro power lines, not in the Bear Creek Park Reservation Area (view the Proposed Road Design section below).

Park Path Beneath Power Lines
Future location of Phase 1: 84 Ave Improvements from King George Blvd to 140 St

Road Network & Project Location

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Road Network Map

Project Timing

At the February 22, 2021 Council Meeting, Council supported a motion to move forward with this project within the next 1 to 5 years. At the March 8, 2021 Council Meeting, Council approved field investigation, preliminary designs and public engagement for Phase 1: 84 Ave improvements between King George Blvd and 140 Street.

At the May 31, 2021 Council meeting, Council authorized staff to proceed with the detailed design for 84 Avenue between King George Blvd and 140 Street along with related enhancements to Bear Creek Park. Council also authorized staff to proceed with tendering for construction upon completion of detailed design.

At the July 26, 2021 Council Meeting, Council approved the 84 Avenue corridor project between King George Boulevard and 140 Street and associated park improvements with the awarding of construction and engineering contracts.

Anticipated Project Schedule for 84 Ave from King George Blvd to 140 St

  • Detail Design - June to July, 2021
  • Regulatory Permitting - Underway
  • Contract Award - July 26 2021
  • Construction Commencement - Early 2022
  • Construction Completion - September 2022

Phase 2 of completing missing road segments along 84 Avenue which includes road improvements from 120 St to 128 St is anticipated to begin in 2022.

Project Design   

At the May 31, 2021 Council meeting, Council authorized staff to proceed with detailed design for Option B which provides cycling and walking primarily along the south side of 84 Avenue to mitigate tree impacts within the Reservation Area. This option connects the existing pathway to routes south to 83A Avenue and 140 Street. (View map of detailed design below)

Consistent with public engagement survey results, the design provides for efficient movement of traffic while ensuring safety of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers and minimizing impacts to the surrounding environment.

The design includes the following elements:

  • Two travel lanes on 84 Avenue (one in each direction) with the bridge and wildlife crossings of Bear Creek and King Creek designed to accommodate four lanes of travel including cycling/walking, in the event future traffic volumes necessitate changes
  • Left-turn and right-turn lanes at both King George Boulevard and 140 Street intersections for efficient movement of traffic
  • Protected left turns on King George Boulevard and 84 Avenue intersection for northbound and southbound traffic to help eliminate left-turn collisions
  • Cycling and pedestrian paths connecting to park trails. 
  • Medians and boulevards with narrow, vegetated landscaping for environmental benefits and beautification
  • Decorative street lights to increase safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Lower-level lighting where possible to minimize light intrusion into the park
  • Curb bulges and pedestrian activated crossings to help reduce travel speeds and provide for safer pedestrian crossings

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84 Avenue Preliminary Design Map


Protecting the Environment

Protecting the Bear Creek Park Reservation Area and minimizing environmental impacts are a key priority for the City.  As such, the 84 Avenue design incorporates:

  • A context-sensitive road design that limits tree removal, builds vehicle travel lanes within road allowance and avoids the historical landfills
  • A clear span bridge over Bear Creek to ensure the creek is undisturbed and facilitate wildlife passage for large mammals.
  • A large high box culvert across King Creek with fish passage features to protect both fish and wildlife passage.
  • Enhanced wetlands to offset a small localized wetland area between Bear Creek and King Creek that will be partially disturbed by the road area.
  • Wildlife crossing(s) to maintain connectivity for mammals, reptiles and amphibians
  • Bioswales along the road to naturally treat runoff and maintain drainage patterns
  • Landscaping, including removing invasive plant species

The City has completed environmental studies to ensure potential effects are understood and addressed. Field reports are listed under Resources at the bottom of this page. 

The City will also obtain regulatory permits and incorporate best management practices during construction.

Project Benefits

The 84 Ave Improvements from KGB to 140 St Project will provide numerous benefits to Surrey and is needed for the reasons outlined below:

1. To improve road safety and help save lives by reducing traffic at 88 Ave and KGB intersection, which is rated the worst collision intersection in Surrey and the third highest intersection collision site in BC.

With the City’s Vision Zero Safety Mobility Plan, which prioritizes road safety throughout the City, staff have undertaken a data-driven approach, by looking at the number of people killed and injured in traffic collisions across the city.

Between 2009 and 2019 (an 11 year period), there have been 2,158 collisions, with an average of 216 collisions a year at a rate of more than one every two days. A total of 1,091 of these collisions have resulted in people being killed or injured. This equates to an average rate of one collision every two days and one person killed or injured every four days.

Based on the analysis, there has been a 20% increase in the rate of people killed or injured in collisions, over the past 10 years.

Data is essential for Vision Zero Surrey to address our City’s most critical road safety issues. It ensures we are putting our resources where they will have the most impact. We use data throughout our road safety processes to determine our high collision areas, to improve our understanding of the City’s collision trends, and to evaluate our progress. All our crash dataset are used for detailed collision analysis which informs the location and nature of our investments. Our key crash datasets include the Traffic Accident System (TAS) and Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) Claims Data. Each data set is compiled for a specific purpose and has its strengths and weaknesses.

High traffic volumes and turning movement volumes are key contributing factors related to the number of collisions that are occurring at 88 Ave and KGB. 

The 84 Ave road extension will reduce traffic volumes and turning movements at 88 Ave and KGB, which would then enable the City to work with ICBC on implementing road safety improvements at the intersection to further reduce the number of killed or injured.

ICBC Reported Crashes
ICBC Reported “Severe / Casualty” Collisions in Surrey
*Casualty means the crash resulted in person being killed or injured

Source: ICBC Reported Crashes


2. To improve connectivity, reduce congestion and save travel time with a more direct route between Newton and Fleetwood.

Surrey grows by approximately 1,000 new residents a month. We must make sure our transportation network is able to serve our growing community.

Currently, 88 Ave is the only continuous route across the city between 64 Ave and 96 Ave. It is also Surrey’s busiest east-west corridor, with a volume of 40,000 vehicles a day (referred to as “AADT”).

Completing the missing links along 84 Ave, particularly between KGB and 140 St, will help distribute traffic movement and save travel time for residents and commuters.


AADT Graph


3. To improve access and safety for people walking, cycling and taking transit with a multi-modal east-west link.

Currently, there is a lack of cycling connections between Newton and Fleetwood with over a 5.6 km gap in continuous east-west cycling corridor between 64 Ave and 92 Ave (shown in Bike Network & Proposed Connection image below). The Project will provide a route with walking and cycling paths.

These improvements will ultimately connect to planned improvements on 84 Ave from 120 St to 128 St and 152 St to Fraser Hwy, enabling a multi-modal east-west corridor.

The Project improvements will also make it easier for residents to access transit including the R1 RapidBus along KGB, the planned RapidBus on Scott Road and the future Surrey Langley SkyTrain along Fraser Highway.

A continuous 84 Ave corridor could lead to increased transit service on 84 Ave in the future.

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Bike Network Map

4. To increase access and amenities in Bear Creek Park

The new route will make it easier to access the park by car, transit and bike.

As the City continues to grow, there are plans to upgrade athletics facilities in Bear Creek Park. Preliminary studies indicate an additional 200 parking stalls are needed to serve facility users. The Project will consider ways to increase parking and provide new amenities including walking trails, seating and public art.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, and generally as the City continues to grow, there has been a significant increase in demand for more and better access to parks, including more trails and paths for walking and cycling.