Phase 1: 84 Ave from King George Blvd to 140 St

Page updated April 9, 2021

We are doing geotechnical and environmental assessment work near the park as part of preliminary investigative work to inform the design. Public engagement will begin end of April. Dates will be posted here.

Park Path Beneath Power Lines
Future location of Phase 1: 84 Ave Improvements from King George Blvd to 140 St


The City plans to provide an alternate, multi-modal east-west connector to increase travel options between Newton and Fleetwood to reduce congestion and improve road safety. 

Project Description

The 84 Avenue Improvements from King George Boulevard (KGB) to 140 Street Project is phase one of the City’s plans to complete the two missing road segments along 84 Ave between 120 Street to Fraser Highway (shown in Road Network and Project Location image below) to connect the communities of Newton and Fleetwood.

Completing the missing links will provide a continuous east-west connection between Newton and Fleetwood. This alternate east-west route will improve connectivity and help alleviate the heavy congestion on 88 Avenue and KGB, Surrey’s most dangerous intersection when it comes to motor vehicle collisions.

Residents will have more travel choice with safer, separated cycling and pedestrian paths to support healthier lifestyles. 

The vehicle lane will be built within the existing road allowance and a BC Hydro right-of-way, near the large transmission towers, not in the Bear Creek Park Reservation Area (view the Proposed Road Design section below).

Road Network & Project Location

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Road Network Map

Project Timing

At the February 22, 2021 Council Meeting, Council supported a motion to move forward with this project within the next 1 to 5 years. At the March 8, 2021 Council Meeting, Council approved field investigation, preliminary designs and public engagement for this project. Public engagement dates will be posted here. Stay tuned. 

Staff are currently undertaking field investigations which include geotechnical work, environmental site reviews, topographical field surveys and the survey of by-law size trees measuring tree diameter, species, and tree health. It is routine to have this type of field investigation work undertaken at the onset of a project as this information will inform the development of preliminary designs for the project, such as the potential alignment of the road and overall footprint, and to establish more accurately the actual environmental impacts and mitigation options. The field investigation work has been ongoing and expected to be completed by next week.

Phase two of completing missing road segments along 84 Avenue includes road improvements from 124 St to 128 St and is anticipated to begin in 2023.

Project Benefits

The 84 Ave Improvements from KGB to 140 St Project will provide numerous benefits to Surrey and is needed for the reasons outlined below:

1. To improve road safety and save lives by reducing traffic at 88 Ave and KGB intersection, which is rated the worst collision intersection in Surrey and the third highest intersection collision site in BC.

With the City’s Vision Zero Safety Mobility Plan, which prioritizes road safety throughout the City, staff have undertaken a data-driven approach, by looking at the number of people killed and injured in traffic collisions across the city.

Between 2009 and 2019 (an 11 year period), there have been 2,158 collisions, with an average of 216 collisions a year at a rate of more than one every two days. A total of 1,091 of these collisions have resulted in people being killed or injured. This equates to an average rate of one collision every two days and one person killed or injured every four days.

Based on the analysis, there has been a 20% increase in the rate of people killed or injured in collisions, over the past 10 years.

Data is essential for Vision Zero Surrey to address our City’s most critical road safety issues. It ensures we are putting our resources where they will have the most impact. We use data throughout our road safety processes to determine our high collision areas, to improve our understanding of the City’s collision trends, and to evaluate our progress. All our crash dataset are used for detailed collision analysis which informs the location and nature of our investments. Our key crash datasets include the Traffic Accident System (TAS) and Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) Claims Data. Each data set is compiled for a specific purpose and has its strengths and weaknesses.

High traffic volumes and turning movement volumes are key contributing factors related to the number of collisions that are occurring at 88 Ave and KGB. 

The 84 Ave road extension will reduce traffic volumes and turning movements at 88 Ave and KGB, which would then enable the City to work with ICBC on implementing road safety improvements at the intersection to further reduce the number of killed or injured.

ICBC Reported Crashes
ICBC Reported “Severe / Casualty” Collisions in Surrey
*Casualty means the crash resulted in person being killed or injured

Source: ICBC Reported Crashes


2. To improve connectivity, reduce congestion and save travel time with a more direct route between Newton and Fleetwood.

Currently, 88 Ave is the only continuous route across the City between 64 Ave and 96 Ave. It is also Surrey’s busiest east-west corridor, with a volume of 40,000 vehicles a day (referred to as “AADT”).

Completing the missing links along 84 Ave, particularly between KGB and 140 St, will help distribute traffic movement and save travel time for residents and commuters.


AADT Graph


3. To improve access and safety for people walking, cycling and taking transit with a direct, multi-modal east-west link.

Currently, there is a lack of cycling connections between Newton and Fleetwood with over a 5.6 km gap in continuous east-west cycling corridor between 64 Ave and 92 Ave (shown in Bike Network & Proposed Connection image below). The Project will provide a more direct route with safe separated walking and cycling facilities.

These improvements will ultimately connect to planned improvements on 84 Ave from 120 St to 128 St and 152 St to Fraser Hwy, enabling a multi-modal east-west corridor.

The Project improvements will also make it easier for residents to access transit including the R1 RapidBus along KGB, the planned RapidBus on Scott Road and the future Surrey Langley SkyTrain along Fraser Highway.

A continuous 84 Ave corridor could lead to increased transit service on 84 Ave in the future.

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Bike Network Map

4. To align with planned enhancements in Bear Creek Park

The completion of 84 Ave between KGB and 140 St aligns with the improvements planned for Bear Creek Park Athletics Centre.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, and generally as the City continues to grow, there has been a significant increase in demand for more and better access to parks, including more trails and paths for walking and cycling. Through the completion of the 84 Avenue connection, an increase in connectivity will be provided to Bear Creek Park.

Proposed Project Design   

Staff are incorporating feedback received from previous engagements to develop an optimal design that will increase safety and travel choices while minimizing impacts to the park and environment which is a key priority for the City. The proposed design will:

  • Ensure the road will not go through the Bear Creek Park Reservation Area. The project will use the existing 84 Ave road allowance and areas that have already been paved while remaining under the BC Hydro Corridor as much as possible. 
  • Improve access to Bear Creek Park with additional parking, cycling and pedestrian facilities.
  • Minimize impact on tree loss (expected to be minimal) and replant at a 2:1 ratio.
  • Avoid the historical Bear Creek landfill that was decommissioned in the 1970s. 
  • Achieve no net loss of aquatic habitat by providing compensation as required.
  • Build a clear-span bridge over Bear Creek, and large wildlife culvert over King Creek to ensure safe wildlife crossing.

The City will be conducting meetings with key stakeholders and seeking public feedback on elements of the design in April/May 2021. The City will also be doing further environmental reviews to ensure environmental impacts are fully understood and mitigated.

Proposed Road Alignment

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84 Road Proposed Alignment Map

Public Engagement

The City will be conducting public engagement in April/May 2021 to allow the public to share their feedback on road design, multi-modal options, improvements for park access and parking, and environmental enhancement opportunities. 

Stay tuned here for engagement dates or follow us on the City’s social media channels.



The public will have an opportunity to provide feedback on this project during the public engagement period in April/May 2021 through a project survey. Details will be posted on this page.

If you have questions or comments before then, please contact the Design & Construction Division at 604-591-4253 or