Learn about the City of Surrey's procedures to allow environmentally sound geocaching on park land.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity that is similar to a treasure hunt. The goal is to find hidden containers known as "caches" or "geocaches" using a portable satellite navigation device called a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver.

Individuals who practice this activity (generally referred to as "cachers" or "geocachers") place a cache in an outdoor location and post the cache's location coordinates online. Other geocachers then use their GPS devices to find the caches.

Before you start geocaching in City of Surrey parks, make sure you follow the procedures to keep our parks environmentally sound.

Approval required to place a geocache

Prior to placing a geocache, geocachers are required to either meet with City staff at the proposed park site to discuss the proposed location of their cache, or provide maps and photos of the proposed location via email.

Authorization will be confirmed by a letter from the City to the geocacher. To obtain approval please contact Surrey Parks at 604-501-5050 or email parks@surrey.ca.

Geocache placement

All geocaches placed within a City of Surrey park:

  • Must be approved by the Parks Division prior to placement
  • Must be placed on marked and maintained trails or in publicly accessible areas (example, picnic areas)
  • Do not disturb park resources (example, vegetation, soil) and/or cultural resources
  • Do not interfere with the use of the park
  • Must be watertight, made of materials that withstand the elements and neutral in colour as not to stand out.
  • Must not be placed in containers that have been used for food, as odours can attract wildlife.
  • Must be marked "geocache" and have the owner's name and contact information inside.

Geocaching is not permitted in the following parks, or park areas

For further information, please contact Surrey Parks at 604-501-5050 or email parks@surrey.ca.