Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Boardwalk

Enjoy a peaceful nature walk through a forest rich in plant and animal life.

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Dawn until Dusk


2598 - 144 Street, Surrey BC

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Park Information

Crews will be removing hazardous trees from Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Park from March 1 – March 25. We remove hazardous trees which are dead, dying and diseased trees that pose a high risk to the public. There may be closures of trails or areas while work is ongoing. For any questions, call 604-501-5050. 

Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Park is a 140 hectare park with a natural second growth forest that developed after the area was logged in the early 1900s. Compare this to Green Timbers which is reforested, or Redwood Park where exotic species were planted to highlight the diversity of trees from around the world. Birds, coyotes and black-tailed deer still live in Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest.

Nature Trail Walk

The network of nature trails around Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest is about four kilometres long. There is a trail for everyone, from the Wally Ross universal access trail (0.8 km) to more rugged nature trails like the Douglas–fir and Moss trails. You may also use the self-guided interpretive walk map as a guide.


Sunnyside Acres was one of the first dedicated urban forest parks in Canada, thanks to Surrey residents voting to protect it in perpetuity in 1988. Once successful, an inspired group of residents established the Sunnyside Acres Heritage Society, an organization dedicated to ongoing stewardship of the forest. Today, they work closely with Surrey Parks to protect, enhance and raise awareness about this important community asset.

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