The Surrey Nature Centre is closed on Mondays until March 18; at this time parking registration is not required for park use on Mondays.


14225 Green Timbers Way
Surrey, BC V3T 0J2




Closed Sundays, Mondays, and statutory holidays



Interpretive space

Uncover how animals cope with the cold in the Nature Centre's winter exhibit. There are dedicated sections on adaptation, migrations and hibernation - test your knowledge and play our Winter Jeopardy, learn which birds win the migration awards, and touch local mammal fur (synthetic).  

Nature exhibition space with animal migration, adaptation and hibernation facts and artefacts.

Early years programs

Are you looking for an outdoor program for you preschool-aged child? Or, a program that you and your child can attend together to explore nature? If so, then we have the outdoor programs for you! Check out our programs for 1-5 year olds (caregiver-participation required) and our child-only program for 3-5 year olds.

Are you wanting to bring your preschool class on a fieldtrip? Our Nature Wonders program is back!

Guided nature walks

Join a Surrey Nature Centre team member for an in-person, guided nature walk. Walks are designed for all ages and will go rain or shine. Register online.


  • January 24
  • February 10 and 21
  • March 9 and 20

Nature exploration for groups

Bring your group for a guided walk or program (all ages and children programs available) to deepen their connection to nature and Green Timbers Park. Walks can be tailored to your group's interests and badges ($2 each) can be added to the programs.

Pro-D Day camps

Are you looking for a camp for your child (aged 6-9) during Pro-D days this school year? We have camps happening on most of the Surrey district-wide Pro- D days for the 2023-2024 school year, including February 23 with some spots still available.


School programs & teacher activity kits

Complement your classroom teaching by scheduling an in-person school program ($111.55/session) or by borrowing one of our teacher activity kits complete with materials, games and lesson ideas ($30.90/two week rental).

Story time


Join us for an outdoor story followed by a nature-inspired activity. Story time takes place outside (rain or shine); children must be accompanied by an adult. Register online.

  • January 27
  • February 14 and 24
  • March 13 and 23