Take your class outdoors to experience your school ground or local park with the help of our Teacher Activity Kits. Each kit is available for a two-week loan and cost $30.90 each. 

Animal ID

This kit includes eight “Creature of the Day” images and clue cards, touch bags with cast animal tracks (activity instructions included), local wildlife field guides and a story book, and additional materials/activities (some photocopying required).


This kit includes a class set of binoculars, a “how-to-use” binocular guide and activity, local bird field guides and a story book, and additional activities (some photocopying required).

Bird Olympics

This kits includes materials and activity sheets (some photocopying required) to guide your class through three stations - flapping speed, flight speed and measuring wingspan – in order to compare themselves to our local Back-capped Chickadee and other birds. Additional activities include a “Who Am I?” animal guessing game and others.

Bug Jars

This kit includes a class set of bug jars with magnifier lids, a field guide to local insects, a story book, and supplies/instructions for additional activities (example, tree branch shake) – some photocopying required.

Nature Art

This kit includes rubbing plates, leaf stamps, stamp pads, activity instructions and additional inspirations for outdoor art projects.

Plant ID

This kit includes 15 magnifying lenses and mini clipboards, local plants and trees field guides, tree cone and plant identification activities (materials and instructions included; some photocopying required) and stories.

Weaving Frames

This kit includes a class set of personal-sized weaving frames and instructions on how to challenge kids’ fine motor skills by creating artwork with natural materials. Additional activity ideas are included to fill out your time outdoors, or as inspiration for another day’s adventure.