Surrey Nature Centre - Sammy the Salamander

School Programs

In-person, on-site programs are 90 minutes in duration and cost $111.55 per class (30 students maximum). Programs are held outside, no matter the weather (ponchos are available for children and adult use); parent helpers are required as part of the programming.

Awesome Amphibians (Kindergarten - Grade 5) 

 $111.55 per session

Have you ever wondered how amphibians can live in water and on land? Join a Surrey Nature Centre program leader to discover all about two types of amphibians - frogs and salamanders. Through play and exploration your students will learn about amphibian lifecycles, habitat types, prey, and predators. With some luck we may even spot an amphibian. Information Sheet

Forest Foundations (Kindergarten - Grade 5)

 $111.55 per session

Join a Nature Centre program leader in the heart of Green Timbers to explore how different parts of trees play different roles in creating strong, healthy organisms capable of building a forest. We will explore leaves, roots, and trunks using games, experiments and explorations that help us to understand how trees acquire what they need to survive! Information Sheet

Habitat Adaptations (Grade 4 - 8)

 $111.55 per session

Have you ever wondered what it takes for an animal to survive in its habitat? Join a Surrey Nature Centre program leader to explore how animals adapt to their habitats with a special focus on one of Surrey’s top predators, the coyote and their prey rabbits.

Students will leave understanding why animal skulls are different and the crucial role they play in habitat adaptation.  Information Sheet

Wild Survival (Grade 6 - 12) 

 $111.55 per session

A Surrey Nature Centre program leader will introduce your students to the basics of wilderness survival. In groups, they will go through challenges to unlock supplies to build their own wilderness shelters. Challenges include edible plants (no eating involved), survival trivia, and wayfinding with a compass. The program ends with the groups presenting their survival shelters. Programs are held outside, rain or shine. Information Sheet


To register for an in-person school program please call 604-502-6065 or email