Surrey Nature Centre loop trail at Green Timbers Park

Bring your group on a guided walk or program to establish a deeper nature connection.

Nature Exploration Walk 

Request a guided tour of Green Timbers Park for your group! Is your group interested in birds, the history of the site, the trees in our Arboretum, local plants or something else? Let us know your interests and we will tailor the walk for you.

  • $50 (60 minutes)
  • 25 participant maximum

Nature Exploration for Kids

Group leaders! Bring your daycare, day camp, Guides or Scouts group on an outdoor adventure to discover nature at the Surrey Nature Centre. Children will establish a deeper nature connection in this fun and experiential program featuring games, outdoor skill-building and exploration of Green Timbers Park.

  • $111.55 90 (minutes)
  • 24 participant maximum

Opportunity to incorporate badge requirements for Guides and Scouts.
3" badges: $2 each

Surrey Nature Centre Patch

Contact the Surrey Nature Centre at or 604-502-6065 to register.