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Explore nature on your own!





City Nature Challenge — April 26-29, 2024  

Citizen Science


Join the City’s growing community science movement!  Join us in the upcoming City Nature Challenge, a global event to observe and share local plant and wildlife sightings.  Whether it’s your backyard, front yard, deck, balcony or local park, get your 'nature nerd' on in a safe and easy way and share the incredible natural values found in Surrey with the world!

It’s easy to participate:

  1. Download iNaturalist (free app) to your mobile device and set up your profile.
  2. Take and submit photos of plants and animals in Surrey (please no people, pets or farm animals).

Participate on your own or join fellow nature-enthusiasts at a local BioBlitz in Surrey like Bioblitz at Latimer Park on April 27 or at Serpentine Fen on April 29.

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Go on a Nature Walk

 A man and a young girl, holding hands, walk down a forest trail together.


Explore Surrey’s natural areas this spring. Surrey has more than 100 kilometers of nature trails within 21 different Surrey parks. Browse the interactive Nature Trails of Surrey brochure to explore nature on your own.

Consider celebrating BC Trails Day on June 1 with us by joining one of our guided nature trail walks

Either way, get ready, get set, explore. Adventure awaits!


Go on a Park Crawl

Parks are more than picnic tables and playgrounds.  They protect ecosystems, plants, and animals. They are places to recreate and to search for solitude. They also provide opportunities to learn from nature, embrace culture, and express ourselves creatively.

Get to know Surrey’s parks by getting out your smart phone or tablet, picking a Park Crawl, then enjoy exploring new parks and seeing them through a different lens.

Choose from:

  1. Best Parks for Bird Watching
  2. Public Art in Parks
  3. Park Blooms
  4. Park Ponds, Creeks and Shorelines
  5. Best Forest Bathing Parks
  6. Best Parks for Exploring Nature with Little Ones

Choose a Park Crawl

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