A senior man with a cane walks on a bridge near a lake

Visit Surrey Lake Park for a scenic walk and a chance to see birds, fish, deer and more!

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Dawn until Dusk


7500 - 152 Street, Surrey BC

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Surrey Lake Park is a scenic natural area featuring a large, human-made lake. The nature trailis 1.5 kilometres long and takes about 45 minutes to complete. Please note that the lake is a sensitive habitat, so dogs and water sports (including fishing, boating and swimming) are not permitted in the water.

Since its opening in 2002, Surrey Lake Park has been a vital part of our urban forest for its provision of seasonal flood control and wildlife habitat. From lake and wetland to meadow and forest, the park is a haven for many animals. Visit today for a chance to see frogs, salmon, ducks, eagles, deer and more! Fun fact: all the fish in the lake are self-stocked, meaning they found their own way in from nearby Bear Creek.

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