A senior man with a cane walks on a bridge near a lake

Visit Surrey Lake Park for a scenic walk and a chance to see birds, fish, deer and more!

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Dawn until dusk


7500 - 152 Street, Surrey BC

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Surrey Lake Park is a scenic natural area featuring a large, human-made lake. The nature trail is 1.5 kilometres long and takes about 45 minutes to complete. Please note that the lake is a sensitive habitat, so dogs and water access (including fishing, boating and swimming) are not permitted in the water. During the rainy season, trails in the park may become inaccessible due to flooding.

There are lots of different habitats to discover here. From lake and wetland to meadow and forest, the park is a haven for many animals. The wetland helps protect us from seasonal flooding by absorbing rainwater. Visit today for a chance to see frogs, salmon, ducks, eagles, deer and more! Fun fact: all the fish in the lake are self-stocked, meaning they found their own way in from nearby Bear Creek.

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