Two people walking on a park trail.

Explore nature on your own and choose from our self-guided activities. 




City Nature Challenge — April 28 to May 1, 2023  

Become a citizen scientist, embrace your Surrey spirit, and help showcase our biodiversity on the world stage. It’s easy to participate once you’ve downloaded the iNaturalist app!

Join our City Nature Challenge 2023 project, then submit photos of plants and animals in Surrey. 

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Go on a Park Crawl

Parks are more than picnic tables and playgrounds. They support ecosystems, plants, and animals. They are places to recreate and search for solitude. Parks also provide opportunities to learn from nature, embrace culture and express ourselves creatively.

Get to know Surrey’s parks! Get out your smart phone or tablet then choose a Park Crawl from the list below. Explore new parks or discover a park through a different lens.

  1. Best Parks for Bird Watching
  2. Public Art in Parks
  3. Park Blooms
  4. Park Ponds, Creeks and Shorelines
  5. Best Parks for Forest Bathing
  6. Best Parks for Exploring Nature with Little Ones

Choose a Park Crawl

Go on a Nature Walk 

Surrey has over 650 kilometres of park trails and paths. Browse the Nature Trails of Surrey, choose your park, then get ready, get set, explore! 

Make sure to stay on trails to avoid disturbing wildlife and their habitats.

Challenge Yourself! 

This spring, we encourage you to get outdoors and connect with nature.

Try setting a goal for yourself. Maybe it's visiting one park you've never been to, walking five nature trails or visiting every park in the Nature Trails brochure (there are 20!). 

Post a photo of your nature-exploration experience on social media and tag #mycityofsurrey for a chance to be shared on our social channels.