Learn what you need before placing a moving container or construction waste bin on city property.

Submission of this request is required before a container for either moving or storage is placed on any roadway, boulevard or other public property.

Residents are encouraged to use private property for the placement of the containers and bins. However, if this cannot be accomplished, a permit will be considered under the following conditions:

Requirements for Placing Moving Containers and Construction Waste Bins on City Property

  • An application must be submitted 5 working days in advance of the date requested
  • Must have a Liability Certificate of Insurance, naming the City of Surrey as additional insured for the minimum amount of 5 million dollars
  • Workers Compensation Number (Construction Only)
  • The company providing the service must have a valid, City of Surrey business licence

Placement Considerations

  • Ensure that there is enough room to place the container at the desired location
  • A minimum of 4 metres of unobstructed roadway clearance must be available for emergency vehicle access
  • As a general rule, if there are “No Parking” or “No Stopping” signs at the location you wish to place the container, then sufficient clearance may not be available and approval will not be granted
  • The container must not encroach on the traffic lanes, cycle paths or sidewalks
  • The container must be placed at least 15 metres of the approach of or 6 metres beyond a crosswalk, 9 metres of the lateral line of an intersecting roadway, and 3 metres from any lane or driveway
  • Containers and bins are not permitted to be placed on the road in the bulb of a cul-de-sac

Marking & Visibility

  • All bins and containers must have well-maintained, DOT C2 grade, red and white, high-visibility, reflective tape or equivalent. If taping is not possible, a minimum of 4 Type D retro-reflectorized delineators and a flashing barricade must surround the bin and be continuously maintained
  • Reflective tape needs to be carefully applied to the bins as follows:
    • Side View - each side must have equally spaced horizontal strips placed 2.5’ (75cm) from the ground covering 50% of the side
    • End View - each end must have two vertical lines of equally spaced strips running 3’4” (1m) high and one solid line of tape horizontally placed 2.5’ (75cm) from the ground
  • A flashing light barricade must be used if it projects beyond any parked vehicles or in locations where the bin may be a hazard to passing traffic

Permits Required

If all the conditions outlined above are met, please contact the Engineering Front Counter at frontcounterengineering@surrey.ca to obtain the following permits:

  • Traffic Obstruction Permit (TOP)

Failure to meet these safety requirements may result in fines or impoundment.