Learn about the research that is done to keep our streams healthy.

We monitor our streams and do research to make sure they are healthy. Some of our research includes monitoring streams for erosion issues, mapping out salmon usage of streams and much more. Learn about the different ways we monitor this and how it is mapped out.

Water Quality Monitoring

We provide water quality in streams reports to the Ministry of Environment to help us monitor watershed health and identify opportunities to improve the condition of the watershed. There are 34 monitoring locations throughout Surrey. This is part of the Adaptive Management Framework (AMF).

As part of the Boundary Bay Assessment & Monitoring program, we sample fresh and marine water from the Boundary Bay watershed area. Water is collected from 3 freshwater sites, 3 estuarine sites, and 10 marine locations totaling to 16 monitoring locations.

We also conduct stream bed sampling at 40 monitoring locations across the city. Stream bugs (Benthic Invertebrates) tell us how healthy a stream is. Since we regularly take samples we can see if there are any changes to the health of the stream.

Environmental Maps

Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping, or SHIM, is an ecosystem-based mapping technique that focuses on tech conservation and preservation of aquatic habitats and their riparian areas. View the map of locations studied.

If you're interested in learning about a stream near you, view the Fish Classifications Map, which can tell you about the different streams in Surrey.