Find details on Surrey's Nuisance Mosquito Control Program.

The City of Surrey works with Metro Vancouver to control mosquito populations using eco-friendly pest management techniques. Metro Vancouver's Nuisance Mosquito Control Program mainly targets floodwater mosquitoes that emerge in large numbers around spring and early summer.

Monitoring Mosquito Habitats

Citizen input and routine monitoring help identify mosquito habitats. During mosquito season from May to September, mosquito technicians regularly sample wetted areas for mosquito larvae.

Control of Mosquito Larvae

If larvae numbers become too high, population management may be done using bacterial Bacillus larvicides. The larvicide toxins are highly specific and will not affect humans, pets, birds, fish and other non-target organisms. They provide long-term residual control of mosquito larvae. Larvicides are regulated in Canada and the products are used according to provisions of the product label.

The larvicide used for mosquito control in Surrey is Aquabac. Morrow BioScience is the mosquito control contractor for the Nuisance Mosquito Control Program. The company is responsible for the program on behalf of Metro Vancouver and the five member municipalities.

Call the Mosquito Hotline at 604-432-6228 to report areas of potential concern regarding mosquitoes and to get more specific information about the Nuisance Mosquito Control Program.

Prevent Mosquito Breeding

In order to prevent mosquito breeding, follow these tips:

  • Dispose of tin cans, old tires, buckets, plastic sheeting, or other containers that collect and hold water
  • Clean bird baths regularly
  • Repair leaky plumbing and outside faucets
  • Clean out leaves and other debris blocking and holding water in roof gutters
  • Empty your pets' water dishes daily
  • Water lawns and gardens carefully to prevent water from standing for several days
  • Empty or cover swimming and wading pools when not in use

For more information regarding Surrey's Nuisance Mosquito Control Program call the hotline at 604-432-6228.